Herarat Aviation

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'''Herarat Aviation''' was the airline company that Juliet was led to believe would bring her to the location where she would occupations for Mittelos Bioscience.  It was introduced in {{ep}} and was presumably located in the Miami area. In the air terminal Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom administered a tranquilizer to Juliet mixed in a glass of orange juice because the ride "can be kind of intense". After some hesitation, she complied and drank. Later she woke up on the submarine, and was already at the Barracks next to the Island.

==Unanswered questions==
*Where is the Herarat facility?

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* "Herarat" is an anagram of "Earhart;" Amelia Earhart was the aviator who disappeared somewhere over the Pacific in 1937. However, it has not been established if this anagram was intended by the producers.
**Amelia Earhart reoccurred in the official Find 815 game; where Sam Thomas picked up a broadcast on his radio detailing the events when Earhart's plane lost communication.
* The logo for Herarat Aviation resembles a triple wikipediaNike (mythology)wikipediaSwoosh. In Greek mythology, Nike was a winged goddess who personified triumph. The name "Nike" means "Victory". 
** ''Winged Victory'' is mentioned by Autumn in the TV show "Exposé (TV series)". {{Crossref}}
*  "Herarat" sounds a lot like "Ararat", the Mt. where Noah's Ark supposedly came to rest.

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