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'''Hendricks''' was the Australian at the helm of the freighter ''Kahana''.
== On the freighter Day 100 (Season 4) ==
After Michael repaired the freighter's engines, Desmond instructed Hendricks to navigate the freighter to the Island.  Hendricks refused to come within five miles of the coast, citing radio intereference on his fathometer which prevented him from seeing the reef. {{crossref}}

Hendricks presumably was killed when the ''Kahana'' blew up, as a result of Keamy's death. {{Crossref}}

== Trivia ==
* The casting description for Hendricks was '''''Millbanks''' - 30s to 50s, Australian, rugged, smart, works outdoors with his hands. The kind of guy you'd want with you to get out of a tough situation. Co-star...Must be authentically Australian or be able to do an impeccable Australian accent'' http//spoilerslost.blogspot.com/2008/04/episode-412-casting-info.html
** It is possible that he was cast as an Australian to disguise the casting of Carole Littleton at the same time.
*Out all of the main characters. Jeff has only met Desmond.
**It's likely that he met Daniel, Charlotte, Frank and Miles too, because they were part of the science team. 


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