A '''screencap''' (from ''screen capture''), also known as a '''screenshot''', is a captured reproduction of an image from a video screen.  Screencaps are common with film, television, home video (e.g. DVD/VHS), video games, and other computer software. Screencaps may be captured by various means, whether by literally taking an analog or digital photograph, or by taking the digital image directly via software methods. 

Screencaps of DVDs on PCs (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) may be accomplished using the application Video Lan Client (aka VLC - http// link) 1) File->Open Disk (click OK on next window).  2) Press Play. 3) Then depending on the OS

 '''''Windows / Linux''''' VLC's '''snapshot tool''' places a screencap in ''My Pictures'' (to access snapshot tool, go to menu VIDEO->SNAPSHOT), then open with Paint or other graphics editing program.  SETTINGS->PREFERENCES->VIDEO(General Video Settings->Snapshot) allows user to select PNG or JPG format, as well as choose the directory where the screencap is to be saved.

 '''''Mac OS X''''' Use VLC instead of Apple's DVD player. From within the VLC application, use Apple-Option-S and look on Desktop for "vlcsnap-xxxxxx.png". Otherwise, in OS X, you can use Apple-Shift-3 for full screen captures or Apple-Shift-4 for cropped ones, then look on Desktop for numbered files named ''Picture1'', ''Picture 2'', etc. 

Resources for general collections of screencaps from Lost include
// Choose an episode, and screen captures will be an option. This site is probably the most complete list of screenshots by episode.
// - Belgian site
// LostVirtualTour - caps by episode and filming location
// Click on ''Media'' then on ''Photo Gallery''
// ABC Official screenshots.  See also http// this page at ABC

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