Hawaiian Shirt

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'''Hawaiian Shirt''' refers to the man in the Hawaiian T-shirts whom Jin encounters washing his hands in the Sydney Airport bathroom in {{ep}}.

He initially pretends to attempt to speak to Jin in English, then begins speaking to him in Korean.  The conversation

{{Quote=Hawaiian Shirt  Hey, could you hand me a paper towel there, bud? A paper towel -- this one's broken. 
Hawaiian Shirt Oh, oh, you don't speak English. Sorry.
(The following text was spoken in Korean)
Hawaiian Shirt ''Here's a paper towel.''
Jin What?''
Hawaiian Shirt I work for Mr. Paik. Your father-in-law, and employer.
Jin You've been following me?
Hawaiian Shirt Yes. I know you're planning to run away. But you're going to take that Rolex Watch to Mr. Paik's friend in California. You do anything else, anything—you will lose Sun-Hwa Kwon. You are not free. You never have been, and you never will be.}} The scene ends with Jin, looking happy on rafts, apparently free and having proven Hawaiian Shirt wrong. {{Nav-Jin}} deMann im Hawaiihemd frHomme à la chemise Hawaiienne plHawaiian Shirt ptHomem da Camisa Havaiana ruЧеловек в гавайской рубашке CategoryCharacters CategorySeason 1 characters CategoryFlashback Characters CategoryJin and Sun's flashback characters CategoryCriminals CategoryUnnamed characters CategoryEpisodic characters