Gun vaults

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==The Swan==
The Swan contained a large armory. {{crossref}}
* There was a large weapon arsenal, presumably used by the DHARMA Initiative for skirmishes with the Hostiles.  The initial collection seemed to include at least
** Several AKM/AKMS assault rifles (USSR, 1955)
*** These rifles are equipped with lower-capacity magazines suggesting that the rifles are intended for semi-automatic firing 
** Several Tokarev TT-33 pistols, post-WW2 model (USSR, 1945-51)
** At least one Mosin-Nagant M1944 carbine (USSR, 1944)
** At least one Heckler & Koch MSG-90 marksman rifle (Germany, 1987)
** At least one pump-action shotgun, possibly the weapon used in Stuart Radzinsky's suicide
** One, possibly two SKS rifles.
** The relative age of most of the weapons and the country of origin suggests http// eastern bloc connections.  The website secret recording says, "The Dharma Initiative, attaining a more peaceful world through advanced weaponry."
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* The combination was changed several times by Locke.
* It was not soundproof.
* Kate dropped into it via the airshaft from the storeroom.
* The vent shaft outlet, in the roof, was strapped and screwed shut by Locke.
* Locke emptied the armory of its guns because he was afraid of losing control of them.
* It served as the holding cell for Benjamin Linus, who was known at the time to the Survivors as Henry Gale (original).
*It was also used for storage of the Virgin Mary statuettes filled with heroin from the Nigeria Drug smugglers. They were put there by Locke
*The armory was made bigger to accommodate holding Ben beginning with "One of Them". It changed from a tight room to a wider room. Space was made for the bed that was not there in the previous episode.

==The Hydra==
The Hydra contained a small gun locker in the room with the The_Hydra. {{crossref}}

==The ''Kahana''==
The freighter ''Kahana'' had an Kahana where the freighter mercenaries stored weapons, ammunition, and explosives. {{crossref}}

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