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Writer =1442234 }} '''Greggory "Gregg" Nations''' was part of the ''Lost'' production and writing team, primarily working as a script coordinator. He often answers fan questions at, which has seen him become some what of a fan favorite. Nations joined the crew of ''Lost'' after Season 1, immediately re-reading all the scripts, creating a "show bible" and timeline of events. http// He also attended the fan events "Lost Weekend 2009" and Lost Weekend 2010. He has also written the following episodes *{{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) *{{ep}} (with Melinda Hsu Taylor) *{{ep}} (with Melinda Hsu Taylor) Nations wrote the http// episode recaps for the ABC ''Lost'' website, which he based off the scripts.http// Nations, a vegetarian,http// was responsible for writing the dialog in ''Lost The Mobile Game''. http// ==Appearance== *Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD) **The World of the Others * Featured in an interview in issue ''Lost The Official Magazine''. ==Trivia== *Nations was also a writer for ''wikipediaThe District'', and ''wikipediaNash Bridges'', where he worked with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, respectively. *Nations was also possibly mentioned in The Lost Experience. During the second DJ Dan live broadcast, Rachel Blake was asked how she managed to get Damon Lindelof to wear a bracelet with one of her glyphs on it at Comic-Con 2006 {{Quote=RACHEL The truth, uh, I don't know anymore. Look, I had an insider in the Lost camp; he's the one that helped me. The wrist bands were his idea. I don't think... I don't even know if the producers had any idea what those glyphs represented until later on. DAN Okay, so can you tell us who this "White Knight" was? RACHEL Ha ha, no. DAN Oh, come on, give us a hint at least, tell me something. RACHEL Uh, okay. Well, how about... Uh, in all the nations, in all the world, no one is as great as this guy. No one. JOHNNY In all the nations... DAN Well, folks, you guys figure that one out. =Rachel Blake and DJ Dan =Comic Con}} {{Wikipedia-ref}} ==External links== *http// - Fan questions for Gregg Nations *http// "The Leaggue of Nations There's No Place Like Greggtown" - Main Gregg Nations thread at The Fuselage *http// New York Times - January 19, 2009, "The Man Who Makes Sense of ''Lost''" ==References== {{reflist}} {{Nav-Crew}} {{Nav-Minor-Crew}} deGreggory „Gregg“ Nations esGregg Nations frGreggory Nations ptGregg Nations CategoryCrew, Gregg CategoryScript, Gregg CategoryWriters, Gregg