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Several characters talk of "'''good people'''" and "'''bad people'''" in ''Lost''. Characters' interpretations of these terms vary greatly. Self-proclaimed "good" characters have hurt and even killed other people. By the final season, the term evolved into a running joke, and characters openly distrusted anyone calling themselves "the good guys". 

== Occurrences ==
The following characters have been called good and/or bad by other characters.  Only direct references are included below.

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Details are listed below, sorted by episode.

== Good ==
=== Season 1 === 
* Rose tells Jack, "You have a nice way about you. A '''good soul''', patient, caring. I suppose that's why you became a doctor." {{crossref}}
* Richard Malkin tells Claire "Your nature, your spirit, your '''goodness''', must be an influence in the development of this child (Aaron). {{crossref}}
* When Richard Malkin was talking about the ones that were going to raise Aaron, he told Claire "They're '''good people'''." {{crossref}}
* Hurley Funerals about Scott Jackson, calling him a "'''good guy'''". {{crossref}}
* Christian Shephard tells Sawyer about his son Jack "He's a '''good man''', maybe a great one. Right now, he thinks that I hate him." {{crossref}}

=== Season 2 === 
* The poor man tells Jin, who is working as a hotel doorman "Thank you -- you're a '''good man'''." {{crossref}}
* Goodwin explains that he killed Nathan because "Nathan was '''not a good person'''". {{crossref}}
* In a deleted scene, Libby tells Sayid "Deep down, she's a '''good person'''" in reference to Ana Lucia. {{crossref}}
* Kate angrily tells Jack, "I'm sorry that I am not as perfect as you. I'm sorry that '''I'm not as good'''." {{crossref}}
* Kate says to Sawyer, thinking she is confessing to Wayne, "It's because I hated that you were a part of me -- that I would '''never be good'''. That I would '''never have anything good'''." {{crossref}}
* Charlie tells Eko he "was a '''good person'''". {{crossref}}
* Sawyer tells Charlie "I'm not a '''good person'''.". {{crossref}}
* Sayid says "I was 23 years old when the Americans came to my country. I was a '''good man'''. I was a soldier. And when they left I was something different." {{crossref}}
* When Sayid is threatening to shoot him, Ben screams, "You can't do this! I am '''not a bad person'''!" {{crossref}}
* Claire tells Danielle Rousseau that "She was ''not like'' the Others, '''she was good'''," referring to Alexandra Rousseau, who she met in the Medical Station. {{crossref}}
* Ethan claims that "they" are "good family" "We are '''good people''', Claire. '''Good family'''." {{crossref}}
* Before injecting Claire, Ethan tells her "You've been such a '''good girl'''." {{crossref}}
* Jack says to Kate of the {{ep}} incident, "They could have kept you but they didn't. Then again, they didn't really want me, either." Kate responds, "'''Damaged goods''', both of us." {{crossref}}
* While strangling Ana Lucia, Ben tells her, "You killed two of us -- '''good people''' who were leaving you alone." {{crossref}}
* Benjamin Linus states that John Locke is "'''one of the good ones'''" and that Henry came to get John. {{crossref}}
* Charlotte Malkin gives Eko a 'message from the other side' (from Yemi), saying "He says you were a '''good priest'''... He said that even though you were pretending, '''you're a good man'''." {{crossref}}
* Ben says "We're the '''good guys''', Michael." {{crossref}}

=== Season 3 === 
* Eddie Colburn tells Locke (who is holding him at gunpoint) "You're not a murderer. You're a '''good man'''.", and then turns his back and walks away. {{crossref}}
* Amina tells Eko when they meet that she believes he is '''good''', like his brother Yemi before him.  Later, however, after Eko kills the men at the church, her son Daniel (The Cost of Living), "Are you a '''bad man'''? My mom says you are a bad man."  Eko retorts "Only God knows." {{crossref}}
* Penelope tells Desmond she loves him because he is a '''good man'''. He later, while doubting himself, tells her that being a good man is not enough. {{crossref}}
* Desmond tells Charlie that he's a '''good man'''. {{crossref}}
* Carmen refers to Hurley as "such a '''good son'''". {{crossref}}
* Locke said that he told the Others that Kate was "a '''good person'''". But after being told who she was and what she had done, he indicated that they did not agree because "forgiveness is not one of their strong suits". {{crossref}}
* Jack tells Juliet on the beach that the survivors are "'''good people.'''" {{crossref}}
* Desmond refers to Jin as "'''good man'''". {{crossref}}
* Sun says, "And Juliet, I believe she's a '''good person'''." {{crossref}}
* Jack says sarcastically to Ben, "Oh, I almost forgot, you're the '''good guys'''." {{crossref}}

=== Season 4 === 
* Daniel Faraday tells Miles that Jack and Kate are "'''good people'''". {{crossref}}
* Bernard tells Jin that they are the "'''good guys'''". {{crossref}}
* Ben tells Michael to consider himself "'''one of the good guys'''". {{crossref}}

=== Season 5=== 
* Hurley to his mother on Sayid "He is my friend.  But he's also got this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff.  But he's a '''good guy'''."  Carmen replies "A good guy doesn't kill three men.  A good guy doesn't kill any men."   {{crossref}}
* Pierre Chang to Jack about Sawyer "Ah, yes. '''Good man''', LaFleur." {{crossref}}
* Kate tells Carole Littleton about Aaron "He's so sweet, and kind, and '''good'''." {{crossref}}
* Bram says to Frank "We're the '''good guys'''." Frank responds "In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they're the good guys are the bad guys." {{crossref}}

=== Season 6 ===
* Frank to Sun, about Ilana's group "They say they're the '''good''' guys." {{crossref}}
* Dogen tells Sayid that for every man there is a scale and on one side of the scale there is '''good''' and on the other side evil. {{Crossref}}
**Sayid tells Dogen that he does not know him even though he thinks he does and that he is a '''good''' man. {{Crossref}}
* "I needed you to stay '''good'''." - ''Mother to Jacob'' {{Crossref}} 
* "Am I '''good''', Mother?" - ''Jacob to Mother (twice)'' {{Crossref}}
* "I think you're a '''good''' guy, Sayid. You know, a lot of people have told you that you're not. Maybe you've heard it so many times you started believing it. You can't let other people tell you what you are, dude. You have to decide that for yourself." - ''Hurley X to Sayid X'' {{Crossref}}
* "You know, you were a real '''good''' number two." - ''Hurley to Ben'' {{Crossref}}

*Magnus Hanso's first name is Latin for "'''Great'''".
*The DeGroots The surname DeGroot is derived from the Dutch for "'''The Great.'''"
===Season 1=== 
*Christian Shephard tells Sawyer about his son Jack "He's not like me, he does what's in his heart. He's a good man, maybe a '''great''' one." {{crossref}}
*Hurley refers to his grandpa Tito as "the '''greatest guy''' I know". {{crossref}}

===Season 2=== 
*Aaron was a '''great''' man, according to Eko.  He is referring to the Biblical Aaron but in doing so may be implying that baby Aaron is also great. {{crossref}}
*Tariq says of Hassan Jarrah, Sayid's father, "Sayid, you are a loyal soldier. The son of a '''great''' hero." {{crossref}}
*Ben refers to Jacob as "a '''great man'''" and a "brilliant man" but not a forgiving man. {{crossref}}
*Eko tells Locke that "Yemi was a '''great man''', a priest, a man of God." {{crossref}}

===Season 3=== 
*Juliet verbally tells Jack "Ben, he's a '''great man'''." (because she knows her conversation is being monitored by video cameras), but contradicts this in cue cards she is holding up in a secret video (which say "Ignore everything I'm saying.  Ben is a liar.") {{crossref}}
*Charles Widmore refers to Admiral MacCutcheon as a "'''great man'''". {{crossref}}
*Charles Widmore tells Desmond that he will "never be a '''great man'''". {{crossref}}
*Ms. Hawking says that pushing the button is "the '''one great thing'''" Desmond will do. {{crossref}}
*Achara says Jack is a "'''great man''', a leader." {{crossref}}

===Season 4=== 
*Questioned by Harper, Juliet calls both Ben and Goodwin simply "'''great'''". {{crossref}}

===Season 6=== 
*After being called a real good number two by Hurley, Ben says, "And you were a '''great''' number one, Hugo." {{crossref}}

== Bad ==
=== Season 1 === 
* Charlie Pace tells Claire Littleton that "Ethan Rom's the '''bad guy'''." {{crossref}}

=== Season 2 === 
* Hugo "Hurley" ReyesJohn Locke, "And guess who gets to be the '''bad guy'''?" referring to himself with the job of rationing the food. {{crossref}}
* Benjamin Linus, pretending to be Henry Gale (original), pleads with Sayid Jarrah "You can't do this! I am not a '''bad person'''!" {{crossref}}

=== Season 3 === 
* In one of Mr. Eko. Eko's flashbacks, Daniel (Amina's son)"Are you a '''bad man'''? My mom says you're a '''bad man'''." {{crossref}}
* Kate tells Cassidy she killed her father because "he was a '''bad guy'''". {{crossref}}
* Cassidy tells Kate that "a '''bad guy'''" (Sawyer) took her life savings. {{crossref}}
* Ben states that Naomi is "one of the '''bad guys'''." {{crossref}}
=== Season 5 ===
* Jin says 'This The Island is '''bad'''!' {{crossref}}
* Under influence of a drug, Sayid admits that he is a '''bad man''' {{crossref}}
* When being interrogated, Juliet says "we're not '''bad people'''" {{crossref}}
===Season 6===
* Jacob explains that he had to get Hurley and Jack away from the Temple, because '''someone bad''' is about to arrive there. {{crossref}}
* Dogen tells Sayid that for every man there is a scale and on one side of the scale there is good and on the other side '''evil'''. {{Crossref}}
* Dogen calls the Man in Black  "Evil Incarnate". {{Crossref}}
* "That thing is '''evil'''." - ''Ilana to the group at the beach about the Man in Black'' {{crossref}}
* "Those people are '''bad''', Jacob, '''very bad'''." - ''Mother to her son, about Claudia's people'' {{Crossref}}
* "... my people. You wanna know if they’re '''bad'''. That woman may be insane, but she’s most definitely right about that. - ''The Man in Black to Jacob, about Claudia's people'' {{Crossref}}

== See also ==
*Crimes of the Islanders


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