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The '''Global Welfare Consortium''' is a fictitious company as part of the Lost Experience. Established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1952, the Consortium aims to respond to and anticipate the health needs of an increasingly global society. Its membership currently stands at 186 countries. It also has 8 regional offices and 150 country offices. 
The Consortium works at the local level with private organizations to provide medical resources to embattled territories. Its mission is to help people worldwide achieve a maximum level of wellness, as well as maintain high minimum health standards globally. 

Amidst controversy, the Consortium named the Hanso Foundation a Partner in World Health, due to the efforts of its Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program.

== Controversy ==
===First letter===
The GWC was first featured on the Hanso Foundation website (via Hanso Correspondence) as one that had attempted to conduct an investigation into the workings of the Foundation, subsequently accusing the Foundation of unethical measures in its Life Extension Project. 

{{Quote=Global Welfare Consortium
Rue Grande 1623
1221 Geneva 27
Switzerland 19 September, 2005 To Dr. Roderick Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Director, Centers for Disease Control From GWC Executive Committee
RE Violation of Ethical Guidelines / The Hanso Life-Extension Project CC Mr. Peter Thompson, Vice President, General Counsel, The Hanso Foundation; Hugh McIntyre, Vice President and Communications Director, The Hanso Foundation. Dr. Johnson We have received word of an unfortunate and most alarming issue in the past days concerning research operations by The Hanso Foundation in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Sadly, we have exhausted our mandate as a watchdog organization and must petition you for a formal investigation. It has come to our attention that a new strain of meningococcal disease has been reported in the coastal villages of the United Republic of Tanzania. This strain breached the simian/homo sapien barrier. As the enclosed documentation and correspondence demonstrate, we have repeatedly asked the Executive Board of The Hanso Foundation for assistance in determining the possible correlation between the outbreak of this transgenic disease and the research being conducted on primates in the Experimental Station in Zanzibar. As our requests have been met with utter and complete disregard, we feel we have no other choice than to demand your immediate intervention. As The Hanso Foundation is using primates to research gene therapies intended for human use, the correlation should be obvious. Considering the alarming nature of this outbreak and the mounting death toll it is imperative that The Hanso Foundation immediately open the doors of their Experimental Station for inspection and, should a link be found between their work and this disease, cease and desist their activities immediately. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Lives are at stake. Monsieur Jacques Maillot
Director General, GWC Executive Committee }} ===Response=== Imagereply.jpg However, an apology was then given by the GWC. It was noted, however, that the head of the company is now Peter Thompson, a member of the Hanso Foundation Board of Directors. Rachel Blake rightly pointed out that the Foundation must have removed Maillot with someone more inclined to give them free reign against a Consortium that is supposed to police corruption such as this. {{Quote= Global Welfare Consortium
Rue Grande 1623
1221 Geneva 27
25 September, 2005 To Dr. Roderick Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Director, Centers for Disease Control From GWC Executive Committee RE The Hanso Life-Extension Project Dr. Johnson Please Consider this a formal apology for the heated and alarmist tone of our previous correspondence, as well as a formal request for the withdrawal of former Director General Jacques Maillot's request for an intervention into the affairs of The Hanso Foundation. In the time since Monsieur Maillot's letter, GWC's inspection team has been welcomed with open arms into The Hanso Foundation's Experimental Station in Zanzibar. Our thorough examination of the Station has made it clear thatthe benign, non-invasive research being conducted there could not have possibly resulted in the outbreak of a transgenic virus. Because we appreciate the CDC's willingness to intervene when lives are at stake, the last thing we want is to abuse our close relationship with your organization -- or sound alarms before the need is absolutely clear. Once again, please accept our apologies, and our appreciation of your diligent response to our correspondence. Mr Peter Thompson, Acting Director General
Global Welfare Consortium}} ===Partnership with THF=== ImageGWC PR.JPG's open letter In her third Rachel Blake Copenhagen 03, Rachel Blake found a letter about the GWC joining with the Hanso Foundation. Hugh McIntyre announces that after a thorough review, it "was found to exceed the GWC's standards of corporate excellence in the areas of environmental impact, social outreach, and workplace safety/well-being standards." The full file showing this can still be viewed http// here. In Rachel Blake Italy 01, Rachel notes that the Hanso Foundation team have been joined by several members of the GWC. She commented that Mittelwerk had spent a lot of time "wining and dining them". Rachel attributed this to Mittelwerk trying to "put them in his pocket before The Hanso Foundation bares its teeth", rather than make a scene like the last time where Thompson had to physically remove Maillot from directorship. ===Further Controversy=== The Hanso Foundation's Hugh McIntyre had an extramarital affair with the GWC's Corporate Liaison, Darla. Together with Hugh McIntyre, they were both killed in an Car Accident in Paris, though Rachel Blake suspected foul play as Darla had been passing top secret information to her, in an attempt to bring down the Hanso Foundation. ===Aftermath=== After Rachel Blake exposed the Hanso Foundation, Alvar Hanso released a statement on his website talking about starting over. He thanked the Global Welfare Consortium for their "grace and foresight" in allowing his company a second chance to rebuild. == See also == *The Lost Experience clues/June 21 *The Lost Experience revelations == External links== *http// The Hanso Foundation *http// Hanso Foundation press release on the Consortium {{Nav-Hanso}} CategoryCompanies CategoryThe Lost Experience deGlobal Welfare Consortium