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'''Geronimo Jack's Beard A ''Lost'' Podcast''' is a blog and podcast created by Lost cast member Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and his girlfriend (and sometime Background cast/Ajira Flight 316 survivors) Bethany James Leigh Shady (aka Sidekick22) that coincided with the sixth and final season of ''Lost''.

The podcast's principal conceit is that it provides Garcia and Shady's reactions to the scripts as they were delivered rather than to the finished episodes.  Garcia and Shady occasionally read short passages of description directly from the scripts, providing insights not otherwise available. In later episodes, additional segments were added at the end that provide Garcia and Shady's reactions to the finished episodes and how they differ from the scripts.

Its first episode was made available on February 3, 2010, one day after the launch of the blog.  However, the two started recording this podcast on August 31, 2009, when they received the script for {{ep}}.  Consequently, nine episodes were fully recorded before the podcast launched.

The podcast blog also features behind-the-scenes pictures and observations.

* The podcast's name refers to the facial hair of the suicidally depressed Jack Shephard of the Season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass", who attempts to leap off a bridge ("Geronimo!"), playfully punning on the name of in-universe ''Lost'' band Geronimo Jackson.
* Michael Emerson was the podcast's first special guest, for the episode dealing with {{ep}}.http// 
* Nestor Carbonell was a guest for the {{ep}} podcast.http//
* Henry Ian Cusick was a guest for {{ep}} podcast.
* Jorge has mentioned his use of Lostpedia multiple times during the podcast.


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