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The "'''Gas Man'''" is a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815.
==On the Island==
===Day 1 (Season 1)===
The "Gas Man" appeared during the initial aftermath of the crash. He was yelling "Stay away from the gas!" to warn fellow survivors the dangers posed by it. {{crossref}}

He has not been seen since {{ep}} and was last seen near the location of the wing, which subsequently collapsed and exploded. If the "Gas Man" had not died prior to the beginning of Time travel, then he died in the flaming arrow attack in Timeline, {{crossref}} since Rose Nadler and Bernard Nadler are presumed to be the only survivors of it. {{crossref}}

This character is officially credited as '''man''' in the ABC Medianet press release for {{ep}}.


arرجل الغاز
frHomme 1 (crash)
ruМужчина (Пилот. Часть 1)
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