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'''Fuzzy Moody''' is a stunt actor who is currently based in Hawaii and, as of 2006, is treasurer of the Hawaiian Stunt Connection. He portrayed the uncredited character of repairman in {{ep}} and also played one of the unnamed survivors of the middle section of Oceanic Flight 815. Moody acted in multiple episodes of ''Magnum, P.I.'', in a variety of roles. In addition, he performed as Moray, a lookout in ''War and Remembrance'', a television miniseries covering the events of World War Two. Moody also made an appearance as Bill in the episode "In His Shadow" from ''The Fall Guy''.
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Moody can be seen on the Lost The Complete Fifth Season (DVD)"Ben Vs. Desmond", where he is shown performing as a stunt double for Michael Emerson during the fight between Ben and Desmond in {{ep}}.

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