'''''' is the second official Oceanic Airlines website by wikipediaAmerican Broadcasting Company/''Lost'', after the first official site, On December 28th, 2007, its existence was announced via a http// press release on ABC Medianet. The press release contained a telephone number that directed the audience to the new website. The announcement dealt with Oceanic's return to the airways, and was downloadable from the website itself as well.

==Press release==

December 28, 2007



'''Flights Begin December 31 To Nine Markets'''

Oceanic Airlines announced today their return to the airways. Beginning December 31, operations and flights to nine markets will resume, “Taking You Places You Never Imagined.” Destinations include

* Los Angeles, CA
* Tustin, CA
* Ames, IA
* Miami, FL
* New York, NY
* Portland, OR
* Knoxville, TN
* Seoul, South Korea
* Sydney, Australia

“We are very eager to resume flying and apologize for any inconvenience our temporary closure may have caused our loyal customers,” said Michael Orteig, President, Oceanic Airlines. “Oceanic Airlines is proud to be a top tier flight provider and looks forward to providing travelers with many more years of unparalleled service.”

'''About Oceanic Airlines'''

In business for over 25 years, Oceanic Airlines is a major airline carrier and offers the highest caliber of service for international and domestic flights. Destinations include Los Angeles, London, Sydney and South Korea. 

Oceanic Airlines Contact
Georgia Cavanagh (818) 460-5520 for more information


* PDF author is "Kelly".
* When phoned, Georgia's voicemail was reached where you were supposed to leave a name and number and they would get back to you. It also announced the site itself, and the comment that it would go up on December 31, 2007.
* The nine destinations mentioned in the press release are all connected to main characters of Lost.
*Los Angeles, CA - Jack, Hurley, Ana Lucia 
*Tustin, CA - Locke 
*Ames, IA - Kate 
*Miami, FL - Juliet 
*New York, NY - Michael, Rose, Bernard 
*Portland, OR - Ben
*Knoxville, TN - Sawyer 
*Seoul, South Korea - Sun, Jin 
*Sydney, Australia - Claire, Walt
*In the London shot of the video, Big Ben's hands are reading 815

==Original content==
* Before December 31, apart from the downloadable press release, the site only contained a seemingly standard commercial (pictures on the right side).
** Australian stewardess in front of the Sydney Opera House ''"The adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Oceanic Airlines will take you places ...."''
** Asian stewardess in front of Big Ben (London) ''".... you've only imagined in your wildest dreams. Oceanic Airlines, ...."''
** Brunette stewardess in front of a tropical island ''".... your ultimate destination!"''
* This commercial was also shown during a ''Twilight Zone'' marathon on the SciFi channel.

==December 31 hack==
{{I=Oceanic sam-4.JPG‎=right=200=}}
During the evening hours of December 31st EST the video was altered. The letters '''' flashed onto the screen several times before Sam Thomas broke in, and asked help to find the passengers of Flight 815.

{{Quote=On the 22nd of September, Oceanic flight 815 took off from Sydney bound for LA. There were 324 passengers and crew aboard. Six hours after take-off radio contact was lost with the plane. Family members of those onboard only found out the plane was missing, when they got to the arrival gate. My partner, Sonya, she was onboard 815. She is a flight attendant. She really loves her job. In the next few hours Oceanic will announce that the search for flight 815 was to be abandoned and those onboard had to be declared deceased. Oceanic wanna be flying again, taking you places you have never imagined. I had never imagined been taken to the place where I'm right now. I want answers. And I'm sure you do, too.}}

*Hidden in the source code of the site after the hack the words "Smash Moat" and "A Warn Witness". "Smash moat" is an anagram for "Sam Thomas" and "A Warn Witness" is an anagram for "I Want Answers"

==External links==
* http// Fly Oceanic Air
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