Extended episodes

There have been several occasions when an episode of ''Lost'' has been required to run longer than the usual 40 to 42 minutes and has been '''extended''' by around five minutes to avoid cutting important scenes. Also, the final two episodes of each season have been written to be aired as a single two-hour finale episode.

The following episodes have been extended

'''Season 1'''
*{{ep}} – Season 1 finale
'''Season 2'''
*{{ep}} – Season 2 finale
'''Season 3'''
*{{ep}} – Season 3 finale
'''Season 4'''
*{{ep}} – Season 4 finale
'''Season 5'''
*{{ep}} – Season 5 finale
'''Season 6'''
*{{ep}} – Season 6 premiere
*{{ep}} - Season 6 and series finale. The episode was extended by 30 minutes (22 minutes of footage) to 2 1/2 hours