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= May 15th, 2006
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'''http//www.enterthecode.com EnterTheCode.com''' was created by http//www.wirah.com Wirah Ltd (web design uk) as a Fan-made countdown timers of the Countdown Timer found in Station 3 - The Swan. At the moment, the site is down.

The objective of the website is identical to that on the show... Push the Button.
The code 4 8 15 16 23 42 can only be entered if the countdown has reached 4 minutes.

The timer is connected to a global database meaning the numbers that display on the timer will be the same for every user and when the button is pressed the counter refreshes for everyone.

The site timer was started on 15th May, 2006 and appears to have reached zero on the 3rd of September, 2006. The website is effectively a test of faith to see if the visitors will push the button or let the counter run down to zero.

As of May 20th 2006 users are now required to register before entering the code. The functionality to see how many times the counter was reset, and by who was also added aswell as the coundtown timer now 'self-refreshing' (using Ajax technology) so users never need to reload the actual window.

As long as someone on the internet types the code into the prompt then the timer will reset to 108 minutes and the experiment can continue.

== System Failure ==

As of 3rd September 2006 at 725 (EST) the input of the numbers failed to be typed and, after 1508 consecutive times, the clock has reached 00000. The banner title reads


The clock is counting down, presumably resetting itself.


Another System Failure occurred on the 16th March 2007, after 4175 successful resets. The title reads



NaN = Not a Number (A value returned in many programming languages when a resultant of a calculation is not a normal number, eg. division by 0)

== Number of Resets ==
*As of March 2, 2007, 742 (EST), the clock has been reset 3,977 times.

== Alternative URLs ==
The site can also be accessed by the following redirecting domains.
*http//www.hatch3.com Hatch3.com
*http//www.enterthenumbers.com EnterTheNumbers.com

==See also==
*Fan-made countdown timers

==External links==
*http//www.enterthecode.com Official Enter The Code Website
*http//www.wirah.com Wirah Ltd web design uk