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'''Emilie de Ravin''' played the role of Claire Littleton on ABC's ''Lost'', and has appeared in every season, save for Season 5.

Originally from Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia, De Ravin began studying ballet at the age of nine. At fifteen, she completed one year of study at the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne before dropping out. De Ravin soon took up acting, enrolling at Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Arts and the Prime Time Actors Studio.

In 1999, De Ravin gained her first role as Curupira in the television series ''Beastmaster''. However, she was written out of the role in 2000. The same year, she won the role of the alien-human hybrid Tess Harding in the American sci-fi drama ''Roswell''.

Since Roswell went off the air in 2002, de Ravin has made guest appearances in ''CSI Miami'', ''NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service'', and ''The Handler''. In 2005, she made her first film appearance in ''Brick''. She followed up with roles in ''Santa's Slay'' in 2005 and ''The Hills Have Eyes'' in 2006. In 2004, de Ravin won the role of Claire Littleton in the groundbreaking series, ''Lost''. In 2010 she starred in the feature film ''Remember Me'' with ''Twilight's'' Robert Pattinson.  

On June 19, 2006 De Ravin married her longtime boyfriend, Josh Janowicz, in Australia. The couple separated in June 2009 but after a trip to Japan with her husband, she called off the divorce. De Ravin resides in California with her two dogs, Bella and Mabel.

{{I=emilie_john.jpg=right=200=Emilie behind the scenes with John Terry playing a younger version of her character, Claire Littleton on ''Lost''.}}
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|Claire Littleton
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't Lie
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's Slay
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|LOST Via Domus
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; PS3; Xbox 360


* In 2006, Emilie won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for ''Lost'' at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.


==Media appearances==
===Talk show===

Emilie has appeared as a talk show guest in the following

* October 19, 2000 - The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (S3 E77)
* December 5, 2000 - The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (S3 E110)
* March 7, 2006 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show (S3 E121)
* February 7, 2005 - Jimmy Kimmel Live (S3 E13)
* March 9, 2006 - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (S2 E108)
* October 4, 2006 - Jimmy Kimmel Live (S3, E30)
* September 22, 2008 - Jimmy Kimmel Live (S6, E130) 
* March 2, 2010 - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (S2 E199)
''Source http//www.tv.com/ tv.com''


Emilie has been featured as the magazine cover or main topic of the following magazine articles
* ''Giant'' - June 2006 - "Aussie, Sexy, Hot! Lost's Emilie de Ravin" http//www.whosdatedwho.com/what/photo_view.asp?RD=001471079T3A1E3P
* ''Entertainment Weekly'' - May 19, 2006 (cover)
* ''Life'' - April 7, 2006 (cover)
''Source http//www.whosdatedwho.com/what/publicity_view.asp?RD=000081401m''


*September 30, 2006 Sunset on the Beach (Season 3 premiere)
*January 13, 2007 conventions& Sciences& Sciences, "An Evening with Lost"


==Personal quotes==
{{quote=I want to pursue as much of a serious acting career as I can, not just a flimsy overnight career. I take it very seriously and I really want to pursue it for the rest of my life.}}

{{quote=It's actually fun to not know anyone and go out and find friends, or let them find you.}}

{{quote=A lot of people make a mistake by trying to be too different and too out there. If I want to stand out, I don't want to stand out in the wrong way. I prefer classic style, maybe some things that don't match perfectly.}}

''Source http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0211087/bio'', ''Source http//www.emilie-online.net/emilie/index.php?bio''


* Her name '''Emilie''' is pronounced '''Emily'''.
* She played antagonist Chris Hargensen in the 2002 TV Movie remake of ''Carrie,'' based on the Stephen King novel, featured prominently in "A Tale of Two Cities" and Juliet's favorite book.
* Both of her biggest TV roles ("Lost" and "Roswell") involved pregnancy and she was a pregnant murder victim in the film ''Brick'' (2005). http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0211087/bio
*In 2005 she was named "Maxim" Magazine's "Hot 100"http//www.maxim.com/girls/articles/92466/2005-hot-100.html and in 2006, she was named number 65 http//www.maximonline.com/slideshows/index.aspx?slideId=1970&imgCollectId=94 also in 2008, she was number 68.http//www.maxim.com/Girls/68Emiliederavin/slideshow/24882/2463.aspx
*She is allergic to peanuts, making it ironic that her character wants peanut butter.{{source}}
*She likes to garden in her free time.
*She has two older sisters.
*She is of French and British heritage.
*Her favorite food is sushi.
* Her nickname is Em.



==External links==
* http//www.abcmedianet.com/web/showpage/showpage.aspx?program_id=001648&type=ravin Biography - at ABC Medianet
* http//photobucket.com/images/emilie%20de%20ravin/ Photobucket images


===Fan sites===
* http//emilie-online.net/ Emilie Online; Everything Emilie de Ravin
* http//www.iheartemilie.net/ I Heart Emilie •Your online guide to Emilie de Ravin•
* http//www.emiliederavinworld.blogspot.com/ Emilie de Ravin World


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