Elizabeth Sarnoff

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=Elizabeth Sarnoff
Supervising Producer (Season 3 & 4)
Co-Executive Producer (Season 5)
Executive Producer (Season 6) =0765438 }} '''Elizabeth Sarnoff''' Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} (with Christina M. Kim) * {{ep}} (with Christina M. Kim) * {{ep}} (with Christina M. Kim) * {{ep}} (with Carlton Cuse) * {{ep}} (with Christina M. Kim) * {{ep}} (with Damon Lindelof) * {{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) * {{ep}} (with Greggory Nations) * {{ep}} (with Brian K. Vaughan) * {{ep}} (with Kyle Pennington) * {{ep}} (with Paul Zbyszewski) * {{ep}} (with Kyle Pennington) * {{ep}} (with Brian K. Vaughan) * {{ep}} (with Paul Zbyszewski) * {{ep}} (with Melinda Hsu Taylor) * {{ep}} (with Jim Galasso) * {{ep}} (with Jim Galasso) * {{ep}} (with Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz) * She also wrote the mobisode {{ep}} and {{ep}}, and was credited as the supervising producer on the rest. Sarnoff joined the crew as a producer and writer for the second season. She became a supervising producer for the third season. She returned as a supervising producer for the fourth season. She was promoted to co-executive producer for the fifth season and finally became an executive producer in season six. ==Appearances== {{I=Sarnoff02.jpg=200=right=2009}} *Lost The Complete Second Season (DVD)**Lost_On_Location_%28Season_2%29" *Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD) **The World of the Others **"Lost on Location The Man Behind the Curtain" *At Lost University/Psychology 201 Self discovery through family relationships ==Later career== Sarnoff reunited with J.J. Abrams as an Executive Producer for the series ''Alcatraz'' in 2012. She was a co-creator of the series. The show was canceled after completing a thirteen episode order. ==Trivia== *She was the last "Lost" writer to pen an episode on her own. {{crossref}} *Prior to "Lost," she worked on the HBO series "Deadwood," where she wrote some episodes, was an executive story editor in the first season, and a producer of the second season). At least six actors from "Deadwood" have also appeared on "Lost" John Hawkes, Titus Welliver, Kim Dickens, Robin Weigert, William Sanderson and Paula Malcolmson. Director Alan Taylor also worked for both series in 2005. *She was also a writer and executive story editor for a season of the series "Crossing Jordan." *She was one of the screenwriters for the 2003 film "Chasing Papi." *In the episode "The Cure" (2008) of the J.J. Abrams show ''Fringe'', a minor antagonist is named Elizabeth Sarnoff. {{wikipedia-ref}} ==External links== *WCalcatrazElizabeth Sarnoff, the ''Alcatraz'' wiki {{brclear}} {{crew}} {{crew-stub}} deElizabeth Sarnoff esElizabeth Sarnoff frElizabeth Sarnoff itElizabeth Sarnoff ptElizabeth Sarnoff CategoryCrew, Elizabeth CategoryWriters, Elizabeth CategoryProducers, Elizabeth