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The '''Electromagnetic Research Initiative''' is one of the projects undertaken by The Hanso Foundation. 

According to the foundation's website, thehansofoundation.org, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative investigates the various effects of electromagnetism, from radio waves to compasses.  Through myriad experiments worldwide, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative aims to bring the human race a step closer into realizing the potential of this crucial force.

Also on the website, there was a picture of what appears to be an aurora borealis or aurora australis (or something similar) that is dated October 28, 2001. Various scientific reports (accessed via Google) reveal that solar storm activity was particularly strong in October 2001, and that subsequent geomagnetic aberrations were substantial.

There is also a scientific graph of a 'Hystersis Loop', which has connotations to magnetics, electromagnetics, and materials science.

As of May 18, 2006, the date on the picture changed to "October 62, 9291"; clicking on those coordinates on the graph would change the graph to put a compass rose at its origin.  Clicking on the rose would lead to http//www.letyourcompassguideyou.com www.letyourcompassguideyou.com

==Find 815==
ImageCh4Aurora.jpgSam Thomas
ImageAurora website.jpg's research
In ''Find 815'', the issue of the aurora australis came up as well. One night, when Sam Thomas was walking along the deck of the ''Christiane I'', he noticed what appeared to be aurora lights out at sea. With the help of his friend Tracey R, he later researched them on the web.


* The Hanso Foundation electromagnetics section shows an Anechoic Chamber labeled as 'Undergoing Electromagnetic Compatibility Test' in Bad Salzdetfurth, Lower Saxony. This is a real town in Germany. It is twinned to Benicasim in Spain, Bochiva in Poland, Yate in England, and Kelba in Germany.
* The co-ordinates x=108 y=108 on the photo occur when your mouse is on the link back to the Hanso Foundation home page
* On the http//www.thehansofoundation.org Hanso Foundation Website under the biography of Alvar Hanso, the date under the photo is October 28, 2003.
* October 28, 2003 was the date of an extremely massive solar flare (third largest on record) that was expected to cause "a major geomagnetic storm", as it was aimed directly at the Earth. http//www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/space/10/28/solar.flare/index.html The relation with the October 28, 2001 date on the Electromagnetic Research Initiative image of the aurora borealis is unknown, although solar flares can affect the aurora.
** October 28 also appears on the blast door. It says on the Blast Door Map "Suspected Shutdown Date 10.28.84" near the top-right.
*** October 28 is the birth date of Javier Grillo-Marxuach
*** Also, October 28, 2003 is the real-life date that a huge solar flare bombarded our planet.

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