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=27 September 2004
=Succumbed to leg wound 
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'''Donald''' was a tail section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. 

==On the Island==
===Days 1–5 (Season 2)===
{{I=Libby_treating_Donald.jpg‎=200=left=Libby treats Donald after the mid-air break-up in  {{crossref}}.}}
The tail section tore off and landed on a different side of the Island than the plane's middle section. After crashing into the ocean, Donald dragged himself out the water and was helped by Ana Lucia, who, however, left him when she saw that Emma was in danger of dying and needed to be revived. Donald suffered from a major leg fracture due to the crash; it was Libby who put the bone back in place, though Donald passed out because of the pain. 

However, Donald succumbed to his injuries five days after the mid-air break-up, due to an infection of the injured leg, and became the 4 life and death among the tail section survivors. He was funerals by Nathan and Goodwin. Though his burial is visible in the episode, it can be seen more clearly in an ABC promotional photography. {{crossref}}

Libby referenced Donald's existence as proof to Hurley that the Island was in fact not a  mere dreams and visions of Hurley's imagination. {{crossref}}


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