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Charlie Pace - Great-Grandson
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Megan Pace (child)=Charlie's great-grandfather }} '''Dexter Stratton''' was the paternal grandfather of Megan Pace (mother), the great-grandfather of Charlie and Liam Pace and the great-great grandfather of Liam's daughter Megan Pace (child). {{crossref}} (Official Lost Podcast transcript/May 21, 2007) Charlie told Shannon that his grandfather in England had taught him how to fish. {{crossref}} It is unclear whether this is a reference to Dexter's son, or Charlie's paternal grandfather. {{I=ring.jpg=180=left=Dexter Stratton's ring was passed down through the generations, eventually to Liam and Charlie.}} A Charlie's ring bearing his initials has been passed on to the first born of each generation in the Stratton family, inspiring the Pace brothers to name their band Drive Shaft. ==Trivia== Dexter Stratton is actually a combination of two names (Ricky "Rick" Stratton and Dexter Stuffins) from the 1980s sitcom ''Silver Spoons''. http// Unanswered questions == {{NavMinor-Unanswered}} * How did the ring of his initials become such an important family heirloom? {{Nav-Charlie}} arديكستر ستراتون deDexter Stratton esDexter Stratton itDexter Stratton plDexter Stratton ptDexter Stratton ruДекстер Стреттон {{DEFAULTSORTStratton, Dexter}} CategoryFathers CategoryCharlie's flashback characters CategoryCharacters CategoryUnseen Characters CategoryFlashback Characters CategoryBritish characters CategoryDeceased Characters CategoryEpisodic characters CategorySeason 3 characters