Desmond's letters

{{I=Desmondsletters2.jpg=200=right=The box of letters revealed by Charles Widmore.}}
'''Desmond's letters''' refers to a box of letters that Desmond wrote to Penelope Widmore while he was incarcerated at Southway Garrison.

After being released from prison and dishonorably discharged from the Royal Regiment of Scotland, it was revealed that Penelope's father, Charles Widmore had intercepted all of the letters.  He then returned them to Desmond in a box as he attempted to bribe Desmond into ceasing all further contact with his daughter. {{crossref}}

Later, when Penelope discovered Desmond's location and confronted him, she asked why he didn't write to her while in prison. Desmond did not reveal that he had, but that her father had taken all of the letters.
{{I=Desmondsletters.jpg=200=right=Desmond thumbs through a stack of letters from the box.}}
Penelope's address, possibly inspired by the real Knightsbridge street Ennismore Gardens, as listed on these letters  was
23 Davismore Gardens
Knights Bridge, London

Desmond's return address (again, the street name was unclear) was Southway Garrison 42 BercChurch Rd. Halstead, Essex, CO8 5WE == See also == * Penelope's letter * ''Our Mutual Friend'' A book that Desmond carried with him that contained a storyline roughly parallel with his relationship with Penelope and her father Charles. {{Nav-Desmond}} esCartas de Desmond frLettres de Desmond ruПисьма Десмонда CategoryItems(Desmond's)