'''David''' or '''Dave''' may refer to

*David Shephard, Jack's son in the flash-sideways timeline
*David Reyes, Hurley's father
*Dave (Hurley's friend), the character introduced in the episode "Dave"
*David (Confidence Man), husband of Jessica
*Desmond Hume, main character

*David Lewis, supposed father of Charlotte Lewis
*David (Libby's husband)
*M. David Benson, metafictional founder and president of the Apollo Candy Company

*{{ep}}, Episode 18 of Season 2

==Cast/crew members==
*David Ahuna, key grip
*David Baronoff, creative excutive
*David Coennen, a guest actor
*David Cordell, actor who portrayed Jimmy Lennon
*David Eisenberg, film editor
*David Ely, a guest actor
*David Fury, a writer for ''Lost''
*David Garcia Vázquez, Spanish language dubbing voice actor
*David Griffith, guest actor
*David Grossman, a director for ''Lost''
*David H. Lawrence XVII, guest actor
*David LaChapelle, the director of the UK ''Lost'' promo
*David Massingham, character in the ''Lost'' ARG, ''Find 815''
*David Michael, guest actor
*David Novotný, Czech language dubbing voice actor
*David Patterson, a guest actor
*Davide Perino, Italian language dubbing voice actor
*David Robles, Spanish-language dubbing voice actor
*David S. Lee, actor who portrayed middle-aged Charles Widmore
*David Starzyk, a guest actor
*David Turba, German language dubbing voice actor
*David Wessel, background actor
*David Yaffe, sound editor
*David Yew, guest actor
*Malcolm David Kelley, former main cast actor who portrayed Walt
*Matthew David Viventi, baby portraying Aaron
*Karin David, German-language dubbing voice actor

* David Spade, a comedian who has done a ''Lost'' parody
* David Lavery, co-author of ''Unlocking the Meaning of Lost An Unauthorized Guide''
* David, the Michelangelo statue Locke referred to in {{ep}}

plDavid (mąż Libby)