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Writer =0299236 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''David Fury''' was a co-executive producer, and also wrote the following episodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} (with Brent Fletcher) Fury was nominated for an awards for Best Writing for a Dramatic Show for the episode {{ep}} in 2005, but did not win. He left the show after the first season to write for ''24'' where he served as executive producer for seasons 5-8. Prior to ''Lost'', he was a writer/producer for ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' and ''Angel''. David recently conducted an interview with Lostpedia, answering questions submitted by members of the http//forum.lostpedia.com/ Lostpedia Forums. Read the interview The Lostpedia InterviewDavid Fury. ==External links== *http//davidfury.com/ DavidFury.com Official website {{crew}} deDavid Fury esDavid Fury frDavid Fury itDavid Fury plDavid Fury ptDavid Fury CategoryCrew, David CategoryWriters, David CategoryProducers, David