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'''Dan Bronson''' is a character in the alternate reality game Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. He appeared in real life during the Comic-Con 2008 ''Lost'' panel as a recruit that was selected to return to the Dharma recruiting center. He, along with four others, was brought to see a secret Dharma booth video at the Comic-Con Dharma booth featuring Pierre Chang. Bronson "secretly" videotaped the event with a handheld camera, running from the room back to the ''Lost'' panel, where he displayed his footage for all to see. According to the 8/08 email http//www.dharmawantsyou.com/site/emails/0808.php sent out to all Dharma recruits (Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project clues/August 6, Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project clues/August 9), Bronson has been expelled from the Dharma volunteer program because of this event. 

It is possible that Bronson is the same individual as RuckusGuy.

==The video==

*The casting call for the character was ''Any ethnicity, must be 18 to 22, computer hacker, self-promoter. Smart, self-righteous with a forceful personality. Suspicious about what Global Octagon Recruiting is up to, and intends to hack their recruiting fair to expose the truth and to bring himself a little on-line glory. This character is like the ultimate fan of "LOST".''. http//lostoctagonglobalrecruiting.blogspot.com/2008/07/casting-calls.html
*A cryptic poster on SpoilerTV Forums by the name of DuaneIsInsane revealed two days before Comic-Con that Dan Bronson would be appearing there. He then launched a string of hoax clues. DarkUFO later revealed that he had inside access, but was not in-game. http//lostoctagonglobalrecruiting.blogspot.com/2008/07/duaneisinsane-really-is-insane-fake.html
*Initially, it was believed by some that his surname was spelled "Bronsen", as his name was first announced in speech only at Comic-Con, not in written form.
*He has been confirmed not to be the mysterious Hans Van Eeghen in the Test 7 video message.

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