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''Lost'' is aired by the largest Czech TV station, '''TV Nova,''' and is very popular in Czech Republic. It's known as '''"Ztraceni"''' (Lost Ones).

AXN is a local cable TV network on which the first season of Lost was shown in January 2005. AXN is not very widespread. Only a few viewers in the Czech Republic can be reached by this cable TV. 

The largest TV station in Czech Republic, TV Nova, aired the first three seasons almost continuously from September 2006 to January 2008. The fourth season is scheduled for autumn 2008.  

The broadcasts are dubbed with no subtitles except for the parts in Korean. In parts where both English and Korean is heard, the Korean lines are dubbed, too. It is not "real" Korean though but a Czech voice vaguely imitating the sound of the original Korean line.

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Many Czech fans watch ''Lost'' by downloading episodes through wikipediaPeer-to-peer networks following its original American transmission.{{fact}}

No ''Lost'' DVDs are available for purchase in Czech shops but the Hungary version has Czech language subtitles, leading many Czech speakers to seek out such discs. Additionally no shops sell official licensed merchandise.

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