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Supervising producer =136290 }} '''Craig Wright''' Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} (with Javier Grillo-Marxuach) * {{ep}} (with Steven Maeda) Wright served as a supervising producer throughout the second season. He left the ''Lost'' crew to work as a co-executive producer on ''Brothers & Sisters''. According to a radio interview in January 2006, Wright claims that he was the writer who inserted The Third Policeman into ''Lost'', as he is an admirer of its author Flann O'Brien. According to Wright, the intention of this literary works was a "double bluff" to refute the Purgatory (debunked theory)|"Limbo theory", since The Third Policeman's plot involves a man who does not know that he has life and death.http// ==Besides Lost== Craig Wright wrote several plays including ''The Pavilion'', ''Recent Tragic Events'', and ''Orange Flower Water''. ''The Pavilion'' was nominated for the American Theatre Critics' Association Best New Play Award and has had over 40 productions since its premiere in 2000. Write holds a degree from the United Theological Seminary. He started writing for television on the show "Six Feet Under" where he wrote 5 episodes. He is also a Co-Executive Producer and writer on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, and is developing new projects for Touchstone. {{Wikipedia-ref(playwright)}} ==External links== *http// Lost-Media - Short article regarding Wright's interview by Dublin radio station Spin1038. {{brclear}} {{crew}} deCraig Wright esCraig Wright frCraig Wright itCraig Wright ptCraig Wright CategoryCrew, Craig CategoryWriters, Craig CategoryProducers, Craig