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{{I=Comiccon.jpg=right=300=The ''Lost'' panel take the stage in Comic-Con '06 for a Q&A session with fans.}}
'''Comic conventions''' are fan conventions held annually to celebrate and promote the comic book, comic art and animation/anime industry.  Over the years, they have extended to cover a number of TV shows, movies, video games and other pop culture elements popularized by or associated with the science fiction or fantasy genres.  They feature interactive discussion panels, special shows and workshops, and encourage fans to dress up in costumes of their favorite characters (known as "cos-play").

Two of the largest conventions, '''Comic-Con''' and '''Dragon*Con''', have in the past showcased material from ''Lost''.  Both have also included discussion panels in which ''Lost'' writers, producers and cast answered fan questions and showed spoilerish material for the next season.  The crossover between the ''Lost'' and comic book world is considerable not only due to the overlapping interest of fans in both groups, but also due to the fact that many of the writers are professed fans of comic books and/or former comic writers themselves.

*Founded in 1970
*Held annually in the summertime in San Diego, CA

*''Lost'' made its debut at Comic-Con 2004 on July 24 with the world premiere preview of a predict-version of {{ep}}.
*Guests on panel this year included Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Paul Dini, Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly. Co-executive producer JJ Abrams was scheduled to attend but ultimately did not take part in the panel.

*Guests on panel this year included Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Carlton Cuse, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Josh Holloway and Maggie Grace.
*Some details of the Season 1 DVD were revealed.
*Damon Lindelof made the statement, "We may never know what the Numbers mean".

''See complete 5336 min transcript at main article Official Lost Podcast transcript/July 31, 2006''
*Guests on panel this year included Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Carlton Cuse, Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim.
*A preview of the mobisodes was shown; at that time it was called ''Lost Video Diaries'' and the premise was different Hurley found a functional video camera and used it to record events on the Island.
*Reveals/spoilers from the panel discussion included
*Someone asked a question about time, and the panel responded “You’re making the basic assumption that they’ve been there as long as they think they’ve been there”.
*Season 3 will be "more scientific", and there will be more off-island scenes.
*Desmond will be back in Season 3.
*Kate will choose a lover.
*Revealed the name of one Season 3 episode to be A Tale of Two Cities.
*Bernard and Rose are not involved with DHARMA.
*The countdown clock hieroglyphics mean "Underworld".
*Debunked the theory that the Smoke monster was a Nanotechnology (theory).
*Neither confirmed nor denied the existence of an The Looking Glass.
*Rachel Blake from ''The Lost Experience'' made an appearance "in character" and accused the writers of being liars; she then introduced  Her outburst can be seen on Youtube.  Also, glyphs were found on bracelets of panel members Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim and Lindelof. 
*Some merchandise was marketed, including McFarlane Toys revealing their new line of figurines|''Lost'' figurines.

Rachel Blake's appearance at Comic-Con 2006
FileRachel Blake at Comic Con===2007===
''See Official Lost Podcast transcript/August 2, 2007 for a partial transcript of the interview''
The ''Lost'' Season 4 panel appeared on Thursday, July 26 in the San Diego Convention Center's Ballroom 20.http// The promotional text read {{Quote=" '''500-600 Lost Season 4''' — If the Lost finale was any indication of things to come, you will not want to miss this panel! Co-creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse will discuss the exciting new season of ABC’s Lost, all leading up to the ultimate series finale. They’ll spotlight bonus features from the Lost The Complete Third Season, preview the new Lost Via Domus, take questions from the audience, and perhaps serve up more surprises. "''}} Following the interview was a short film, information about which can be found under the Orchid article. ====Video==== =====Part 1===== FileLost at Comic Con '07 (clip 1 of 4)=====Part 2===== FileLost at Comic Con '07 (clip 2 of 4)=====Part 3===== FileLost at Comic Con '07 (clip 3 of 4)=====Part 4===== FileLost at Comic Con '07 (clip 4 of 4)===2008=== Lost's producers appeared at Comic-Con 2008, which was held between 24th-27th July 2008, the same 3 days and location promoted in the Octagon Global Recruiting advertisement. A ''Lost'' panel was held on Saturday at around noon.http// ====Video==== =====Part 1===== FileComic Con '08 LOST Panel Part 1=====Part 2===== FileComic Con '08 LOST Panel Part 2=====Part 3===== FileComic Con '08 LOST Panel Part 3=====Part 4===== FileComic Con '08 LOST Panel Part 4=====Part 5===== FileComic Con '08 LOST Panel Part 5 5=====Part 5 Cut version===== FileComic Con '08 Dharma Video===2009=== 2009's Comic-Con panel was the final Comic-Con for Lost. Besides Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof it featured Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonell, Josh Holloway and Dominic Monaghan. Videos shown * a collection of some fan-generated content FileLost Comic Con 2009 Panel - Fan-Generated Videos* a commercial for Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, featuring Hurley FileMr. Cluck's - Hurley's New Chicken Shack!* a short commercial depicting Oceanic Airlines with a perfect safety record FileOceanic Airlines - as seen at Comic-Con 2009* a fragment of WikipediaAmerica's Most Wanted's Most Wanted, featuring Kate 9Z4T-G1SEIg * a memorial video, revealing the surnames of Libby and Karl nHP_yrgFDGM * a lost audition, Michael Emerson auditioning for Hurley FileMichael Emerson's (Ben) Hurley Audition====Video==== =====Part 1===== FileLost Comic Con 2009 Panel - Part 1 HD=====Part 2===== FileLost Comic Con 2009 Panel - Part 2 HD=====Part 3===== FileLost Comic Con 2009 Panel - Part 3 HD=====Part 4===== FileLost Comic Con 2009 Panel - Part 4 HD===2010=== There was no LOST panel at Comic-Con 2010. In San Diego, Elizabeth Mitchell attended her "V" panel and J.J. Abrams also attended the event. ===2011=== ''Entertainment Weekly Presents...Totally LOST One Year Later— EW's Lost gurus Jeff "Doc" Jensen and Dan "Dan" Snierson wax nostalgic about the past, perhaps with a surprise guest or two, and discuss how they're "moving on" in the wake of Lost's departure from the air a year ago. The duo will look to the future by previewing promising TV obsessions. Room 5AB''
LOST had a panel at Comic-Con 2011 where there were surprise guests in Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse; the "spat" between the executive producers on Twitter merely a ruse to hide their appearances.
The executive producers answered the question of whether they truly did know the ending of the show way back in season one by shocking the crowd by announcing there is footage they deleted from the "Exodus, Part One", Cuse calling it "too much."
Lost director Jack Bender himself shot the new footage on the Disney backlot on a patch of lawn near where "Brothers & Sisters" used to film, and Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino happily showed up to do it." FileLOST COMIC CON 2011 - New OFFICAL Trailer! Man in Black's name revealed!
==Dragon*Con== {{I=Dragoncon.jpg=right=100=|}} *Founded in 1987 *Held annually in Atlanta, GA ===2005=== *Guest appearance by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (though somewhat buried out in the X-Track room, instead of the TV-Track rooms). ===2006=== *Guest appearances by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Paul Dini and Mira Furlan. *Speaker made his first public appearance at the parade, to give out Golden Oracle Apollo Candy (part of Events). ==London Film and Comic Con== The 2009 London Film and Comic Con featured Dominic Monaghan, but did not otherwise have any Lost-specific events. The convention was held on September 1-2, 2007. http// ==See also== *Comic book *Conventions *Brian K. Vaughan *Jeph Loeb *Paul Dini *Javier Grillo-Marxuach *YouTube videos/Media appearances ==External links== *http// Comic-Con, Official Site *http// Dragon*Con, Official Site *http// Blog on S1 preview (2004) *http//,6115,1219122_3_0_,00.html Entertainment Weekly - Interview of Rachel Blake after Comic-Con 2006 appearance, by Jeff Jensen {{Nav-Expanded}} deComic Convention frComic-Con ptConvenções de Histórias em Quadrinhos ruМеждународная конференция комиксов в Сан-Диего CategoryExpanded Universe CategoryExpanded Universe