'''Clergy''' may refer to

*Yemi, Eko's brother
*The Nigerian priest from Eko's flashback in {{ep}}
*Mr. Eko, who posed as a priest to escape being arrested and later took his role seriously
*British priest, who took Charlie's confession in {{ep}}
*Goldie, Eko's friend who pulled Yemi into the Drug smugglers' plane, and who also posed as a priest
*Eko's monsignor, Eko's higher-up at the church in {{ep}}
*Father Chuck, who led the funeral service of John's father's fake funeral
*Father Aguillar, who led the funeral service of Hurley's grandfather, Tito Reyes
*Father Suarez, Richard's flashback character
*Minister (I Do), who officiated at the wedding ceremony of Kate and Kevin
*Minister (Do No Harm), who officiated the ceremony of Jack and Sarah
*Nun (The Cost of Living), the Nigerian nun who forced Eko to confess after he stole food
*Sister Consuela, a nun in Santa Domingo {{ep}}
* Brother Campbell, the head of a monastary where Desmond worked  
* Brother Martin, a monk 
* Desmond Hume, who once served as a monk