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Story Editor =2148402 }} {{Wikipedia-ref. Kim}} '''Christina M. Kim''' co-Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) * {{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) * {{ep}} (with Jordan Rosenberg) * {{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) She was executive story editor on all the mobisodes and wrote the mobisode {{ep}}. ==Appearances== * Lost The Complete Second Season (DVD) ** Lost_On_Location_%28Season_2%29''"Lost on Location"'' **Mysteries, Conspiracies and Theories *Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD). ** Lost on location ==Background== * This is Kim's first known writing experience for television or film. * Along with Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Yunjin Kim (Sun), she provides the commentary for {{ep}}. * Her Korean name is Sujin Kim (Hangul 김수진). {{brclear}} {{crew}} {{crew-stub}} deChristina M. Kim esChristina M. Kim frChristina M. Kim ptChristina M. Kim CategoryCrew, Christina M. CategoryWriters, Christina M.