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The '''coffin '''was supposed to contain Jack's deceased father, Christian Shephard. Jack  was originally not allowed to bring the coffin on the plane as he lacked the proper documentation. Jack pleaded with the Oceanic Airlines ticket agent, Chrissy, saying that he had the funeral all set up and needed to get his father on the plane so it could all be over.

Jack found this coffin near the entrance to the caves. Jack found it closed, and opened it expecting to find his father, only to find it empty. He then broke it to pieces with a metal pipe. {{crossref}}

Jack mentioned at his father's funeral that his father's body, and the casket, had not been found. {{crossref}}

Jack came across the coffin again while on his way to the Lighthouse along with Hugo "Hurley" Reyes. As the two made a brief stop at the caves, Jack revealed to Hurley that he was the one who had smashed it because "Christian wasn't in it". {{crossref}}

In the flash-sideways timeline introduced in Season 6, Oceanic Flight 815 (flash-sideways timeline), but Christian's coffin and Christian himself were somehow lost, much to Jack's irritation. {{crossref}} Jack was later told that the coffin possibly was shipped to Berlin. {{Crossref}} Finally, the coffin arrived in LAX on the day of Daniel Widmore's concert. It was transported to Eloise's church, where Desmond Hume (flash-sideways timeline). That night, Kate brought Jack to the Eloise's church. He entered a side chapel, where he found the coffin — empty. He then met his father, who explained the nature of that reality. {{crossref}}


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