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Actor (''suited guard'') =0055544 }} '''Chris Barnes''' was a lead painter for ''Lost''. He worked on 9 episodes over the course of the show. He also had a small role in {{ep}} as a suited guard at an auction Charles Widmore attended. ==Background== Aside from the nine episodes on ''Lost'' ({{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} and {{ep}}), Barnes also worked on seven episodes of the hit television show ''Entourage'' in 2006, and before that, in 2005, portrayed himself on the show ''Unscripted''. {{wikipedia-ref(actor)}} {{Nav-Minor-Crew}} {{DEFAULTSORTBarnes, Chris}} frChris Barnes ptChris Barnes CategoryCast CategoryBackground