{{I=Ultrasound.jpg=right=200=An ultrasound of Aaron, one of the '''children''' on ''Lost''}}
'''Children''' and pregnancies are both regular topics on ''Lost''.

== Occurrences ==
=== Season 1 === 
* Megan Pace (child)Charlie visited Liam. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer aborted a con after he saw a Boy (Jessica and David's son). {{crossref}}
* Aaron Littleton was kidnapped in utero, along with his Claire.  {{crossref}}
* An unborn baby was lost after Christian Shephard accidentally killed Beth (hospital). {{crossref}}
* Shannon spent a year in Paris watching a child named Laurent. That's when she learned the song that helped Sayid understand the maps he took from Rousseau. {{crossref}}
* Aaron Littleton's mother, Claire, escaped Ethan Rom.  {{crossref}}
* Jin threatens to beat up Byung Han in front of his Byung's Daughter. {{crossref}}
* A kid talked to Locke about Mousetrap in a toy store {{crossref}}.
* Aaron Littleton was born.  {{crossref}}
* Alex Rousseau was kidnapped as a baby, and raised by the Others. {{crossref}}

=== Season 2 === 
* The Poor man's son needed to go to the bathroom. {{crossref}}
* Sophie was cared for by Shannon for a year. {{crossref}}
* Zach and Emma were both taken by the Others.  {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia's unborn baby was lost after she was shot.  {{crossref}}
* Charlie has a flashbacks in which he and his band play in a big child's crib for a commercial. {{crossref}}
* Sun was confirmed as pregnant.  {{crossref}}
* Christian Shephard demanded to see Claire Littleton.  {{crossref}}
* Charlotte Malkin's "death" and "miracles revival" summoned Mr. Eko to investigate on behalf of the Catholic Church. {{crossref}}

=== Season 3 === 
* Karl was shown as a teenaged boy imprisonment by the Others. {{crossref}}
* Bobby was a boy living in the commune. {{crossref}}
* A picture of Clementine Phillips was shown to Sawyer while Sawyer was in prison. {{crossref}}
* Daniel (The Cost of Living). Eko "Are you a bad man? My mother says you are a bad man." {{crossref}}
* Juliet is revealed to be a fertility doctor. She has impregnated a male field mouse and successfully uses a new A4993-E3 to make her sister fertile. Dr. Alpert asks her to examine the CT scan of an unusual womb. {{crossref}}
* While staying in Phuket a young Thai boy sold Jack sodas on the beach. {{crossref}}
* The children kidnapped by the Others, Emma and Zach, are seen at the Hydra station under the care of Cindy. {{crossref}}
* Zach and Emma are later seen again with the Others at the ruins. {{crossref}}

=== Season 6 === 
* Emma and Zach are seen again inside the Temple. {{crossref}}
* There are also two other children seen living at the Temple, one of them a young boy and the other a girl around Zach's age. {{crossref}}
* Jacob and the Man in Black are seen both as new-borns and teenagers. They are also revealed to be twins. {{crossref}}

==Characters as kids==
Many characters have had flashbacks that feature themselves as children, and some like Charlotte have been seen as children on the Island's flashes

===Season 1===
*A young Jack Shephard talks to his father about being beaten up at school. {{crossref}}
*Young Sawyer is seen talking to Mary Ford. {{crossref}}
*Young Kate's voice is heard on a Kate and Tom's tape.  {{crossref}}

===Season 2===
*Younger versions of Eko and his brother Yemi are first seen. {{crossref}}.
*Younger versions of Charlie and his brother Liam are seen at Christmas time. {{crossref}}

===Season 3===
*Young Sun-Hwa Paik is seen in the opening scene of the episode. {{crossref}}. 
*A young Eko is seen again with a younger Yemi. {{crossref}}
*A young Hurley Reyes is seen talking to his father. {{crossref}}
*Young Ben arrives on the Island with his father. {{crossref}}
*Young Charlie is taught how to swim at Butlins by his Simon Pace. {{crossref}}

===Season 4===
* An infant Locke is born, and at age 5, is visited by Richard Alpert. {{crossref}}

===Season 5===
* A young Charlotte is seen and recognized by Daniel Faraday. {{crossref}}
* A young Sayid is seen in Sayid's flashbacks. {{crossref}}
* A young Miles is seen in Miles' flashbacks. {{crossref}}
* A young Daniel is seen in Daniel's flashbacks. {{crossref}}
* A young Charlotte is instructed by Faraday to leave the Island, {{Crossref}} and leaves the Island on the Galaga. {{crossref}}
* A young Juliet, Sawyer and Kate are seen in flashbacks. {{crossref}}

ImageYoung Jack Shephard.jpgJack Shephard
ImageYoungCharlie.jpgCharlie Pace
ImageYoung Eko Tunde.jpgMr. Eko
ImageYhurley2.JPGHugo Reyes
ImageYoung James Ford.jpgJames Ford
ImageLittlesun.jpgSun-Hwa Kwon
Image3x20 Ben arrives.jpgBenjamin Linus
ImageLilocke.jpgJohn Locke
ImageYoung Charlotte2.jpgCharlotte Lewis
ImageYoung Sayid.jpgSayid Jarrah
Image5x13 NotListening.jpgMiles Straume
ImageYoung daniel.jpgDaniel Faraday
Image5x16 youngkatie.jpgKate Austen
ImageYoung_Juliet.jpgJuliet Burke

==Characters as teens==
Some characters have had flashbacks that feature themselves as teenagers

===Season 1===
*Although she is not seen as a teenager, Kate has a flashback which contains her and her childhood sweat heart, Tom Brennan listening to a tape recorder which contained an entry of Kate and Tom as teenagers (around 12-13 years old). {{crossref}}

===Season 2===
*An eighteen year old Shannon is seen in flashbacks. {{crossref}} 

===Season 4===
*One of Locke's flashbacks takes place while he is attending high school and living with his foster parents. {{Crossref}}
===Season 5===
*Both Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are seen at the age of 17 in 1954. {{crossref}}
*Ben encounters multiple main characters as 12-year-old living with the DHARMA initiative in 1977. {{crossref}} Later, Ben has a flashback to his time with the Hostiles as a 12-year-old as he healed from a gunshot wound. {{Crossref}}
*A teenage Miles visits his dying mother. {{crossref}}

===Season 6===
*Both Jacob and The Man in Black are depicted as 13-year-olds in their flashbacks. {{crossref}} 
*Teenage Jacob previously appeared as a vision to the Man in Black, Sawyer and Desmond. {{crossref}}

Image6x15YouComeFromAcrosstheSea.jpgMan in Black (Boy in Black)
Image4x11 Locke'sAnAngryChild.jpgJohn Locke
ImageEllie.jpgEloise Hawking
ImageWidJones.jpgCharles Widmore
Image5x12 ben ethan shut up.jpgEthan Rom
Image6x15 JacobAndTheLight.jpgJacob

==Characters as infants==
===Season 3===
*Ben flashbacks to his own birth. {{crossref}}

===Season 4===
*Locke's birth and first day is seen in a flashback. {{crossref}}

===Season 5===
*Pierre Chang feeds baby Miles before going to work. {{crossref}}
*Baby Ethan is born to Amy and Horace, with a help from Juliet who is shocked by this fact. {{crossref}}
*Ben remembers the day he stole a one week old Alex. {{crossref}}

===Season 6===
*A flashback shows the birth of both Jacob and the Man in Black. {{crossref}}

Image5x01 BabyMiles.jpgMiles Straume
Image04x11_premature_john.jpgJohn Locke
Image5x12-Widmore'sSupper.jpgAlex Rousseau
Image3x20CallHimBenjamin.jpgBenjamin Linus
Image5x09_Baby_Ethan_mini.jpgEthan Rom
Image6x15thetwins.jpgJacob & Man in Black


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