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Charlie played bass guitar for the group Drive Shaft, but also played and wrote songs on the acoustic guitar.  After Flight 815, he believed that he lost his guitar somewhere in the wreckage.  At the same time, he battled heroin addiction. Locke confronted him about his drug problem, {{crossref}}, and asked him if he would make a symbolic trade for the last of his drugs for the guitar.  After Charlie handed his drugs over, Locke asked Charlie to "Look up", which Charlie believed Locke meant to pray.  Locke told him to look up again, and when Charlie did, he found that his guitar was hanging off a tree branch, having fallen with a number of the other items in the cargo compartment, but was undamaged. The guitar was an Ovation, which featured a rounded plastic-backed shell.

Charlie can be seen in numerous following episodes playing his guitar.  However, he continued to battle drug addiction when he found the Virgin Mary statues (until he threw them out to sea).

Charlie went on a mission with Desmond, Hurley, and Jin and brought his guitar despite the possibility and eventual reality that it started raining. When Desmond saved Charlie from one of Danielle's traps, the arrow, which Desmond originally had a flash of piercing Charlie through the neck, pierced the neck of his guitar instead, rendering it unplayable. {{crossref}}

{{I=3x08_charlies_guitar.jpg=200=right=Charlie Pace's "sticker" Guitar in Desmond's flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."}}
*Charlie's guitar was an Ovation, which is made from synthetic materials. The bowl-shaped back of the body is Lycrachord (a substance having similar properties to plastic) and the top is HPL (high pressure laminate), which is basically wood chips pressed together under extreme pressure. The neck and fret board are also HPL, so water and humidity changes wouldn't affect the guitar itself. It's unknown how the metal strings are still in such great shape after being on a deserted island for 2 and a half months, although Charlie's guitar case may have kept the strings in good condition or may have had additional sets of strings in it.
{{I=moments_ago.jpg=200=right=A sticker shown in "Greatest Hits" reads "I was here moments ago."}} 
* In Desmond's flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes", Charlie was seen playing a different, similar colored guitar covered in stickers on the street in London, playing "Wonderwall". The same event is shown (sans Desmond) in "Greatest Hits", but in this version Charlie tilted the guitar slightly differently to show a sticker that read, "I was here moments ago," a reference to Desmond's lucid flashback.
* The construction of the guitar prop with the embedded arrow for {{ep}} by prop master Rob Kyker is described in a featurette "Lost in a Day" on the Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD).

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*Roderick, the Drive Shaft guitarist


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