Several articles catalog the many '''characters''' that appeared on ''Lost''.

Organized by significance

* PortalMain Characters
* PortalSupporting Characters
* PortalRecurring Characters
* PortalMinor Characters

Organized by affilation
*Oceanic Flight 815 survivors
*Oceanic Flight 815 crash victims
* Tailies
*Ajira Flight 316 survivors
* B%C3%A9sixdouze_expedition''Bésixdouze'' expedition
* PortalBlack Rock|''Black Rock'' members
* Claudia's people
*DHARMA Initiative members
*Drug smugglers
*Jacob%27s_followers's followers
*Kahana crew|''Kahana'' crew
*List of the Others*Mercenary_team
* Oceanic_Six
* Science team
* United_States_Army.S. Army
*Widmore's_team's team

Organized by chronology
* PortalFlashback Characters
* PortalFlash-forward Characters
* PortalFlash-sideways Characters

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