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'''Casey''' was a gemologist of the DHARMA Initiative. She left the Island during the evacuation in 1977. She and Rosie appeared to be friends, as they were always seen together. 

==On the Island==
Casey, along with June and Mike (DHARMA Initiative), including Roger Linus, Ben Linus, Buzz, Robert (DHARMA Initiative)Earl.{{crossref}}

4 years later, Casey was seen sitting in the background, when Lafleur was gathering a flower for Juliet.{{crossref}}

{{I=5x09Casey.png=250=left=Casey in the Processing Center}}
The next day, Casey was working for the new DHARMA recruits. She was seen in the Processing Center, and helped the new members to register, including Raymond.{{crossref}} The scenes were later appeared in the new edition of the Barracks video.

Later, Casey was presented at "the vote" with Rosie, to determine if Sayid should be executed.{{crossref}} She left the island with Rosie on the Galaga when Pierre Chang organised the evacuation of all the DHARMA women and children from the Island. {{crossref}} 

{{I=Season_5_casey.jpg=150=right=A short haired Casey appeared in Season 5.}}
*This character was officially credited as '''Dharma Welcomer''' in the ABC Medianet press release for "The Man Behind the Curtain".
*Gemology (gemmology outside the United States) is the science, art and profession of identifying and evaluating gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy.
*A different actress, Ja-ne de Abreu, portrayed Casey in Season 5, as seen in a filming report that confirmed the DHARMA jumpsuit's nametag of the actress is Casey.

==Unanswered questions==
* Why was the DHARMA Initiative interested in gemology on the Island?
* What DHARMA station did she work in?

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