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'''Brother Campbell''' is the leader of the Eddington Monastery in Scotland. Campbell offered work for a distraught Desmond (who briefly attended this monastery in {{ep}}). However, one night Campbell discovered Desmond drunk on wine the monastery makes. As a result, he fired him. He gave Desmond one last job -- to load wine into Penelope Widmore's car, introducing them to each other.

Campbell's desk has a framed Photographs of himself with Daniel Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking outside the monastery.

In the lighthouse, a "Campbell" was listed as candidate . {{Crossref}}
However, Brother Campbell addresses Desmond as "Brother Desmond." This suggests that Brother Campbell's first name, and not last, is Campbell. Also, there is no indication he has ever been to the Island, unlike all the other "known" candidates. As such, it is likely the candidate is not this Campbell.

*The quality of the picture on his desk featuring himself and Eloise suggests it is most definitely Photoshopped.  However, this may have simply been a rare bit of poor work by the prop department, and likely means nothing pertaining to the universe of the show itself.
* ''Campbell'' is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "crooked mouth". Names of the famous Scottish Highland clan, refer to this facial feature.
* His name may be a reference to Joseph Campbell, the scholar and mythological researcher.
* His name may also be a reference to the important science fiction writer John Wood Campbell, Jr.

*His name may be an allusion to George Campbell http//, rhetorician and philosopher, whose work was initially influenced by David Hume. From Wikipedia Cambell's first major publication, A Dissertation in Miracles (1762), was directed against David Hume's attack on miracles in An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding. Campbell was influenced by Hume, but took particular issue with his philosophical strictures.

==Unanswered questions==
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* What is his full name?
* What is his relationship to Ms. Hawking?

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