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= }} {{Wikipedia-ref. Vaughan}} '''Brian K. Vaughan''' was a writer and producer on ''Lost'' in seasons 3 through 5. He was initially hired an executive story editor during the Season 3 hiatus, according to his blog. He became a co-producer for the fourth season. He was promoted to producer for the fifth season. He left prior to the show's sixth and final season. Vaughan is known for his extensive work writing for numerous comic titles from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, most famously co-creating ''Y The Last Man''. He has been recognized with numerous awards including an Eisner Award in 2005 for Best Writer for ''Y The Last Man'', ''Runaways'', and ''Ex Machina''. He has also been honored by the Arab American National Museum for his recent original work, the graphic novel ''Pride of Baghdad''. Vaughan follows two other writers who also came to Lost's writing team from the comics world, Paul Dini and Jeph Loeb. Vaughan also is the winner of ''Wired'' magazine's 2007 Rave Awards for "Print" https// Vaughan has co-Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes '''Season 3''' *{{ep}} (with Jeff Pinkner) '''Season 4''' *{{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) *{{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) *{{ep}} (with Drew Goddard) '''Season 5''' *{{ep}} (with Melinda Hsu Taylor) *{{ep}} (with Paul Zbyszewski) *{{ep}} (with Elizabeth Sarnoff) Vaughn is also a co-producer of the mobisodes Lost Missing Pieces, along with Richard Peter Schroer and Samantha Thomas. He is credited with writing the following mobisodes *{{ep}} *{{ep}} ==Trivia== * ''Y The Last Man'' was Hurley's reading material of choice on flight 316, while trying to recreate flight 815. {{Crossref}} ==External links== *http// Vaughan's blog - Vaughan's own announcement on his blog is the primary source for his hiring as a writer for ''Lost''. *http// Vaughan's MySpace *http// Wizard Entertainment 'BRIAN K. VAUGHAN TO JOIN 'LOST' WRITING STAFF' - Runaways, Y The Last Man scribe to become 'Executive Story Editor' for hit television series... *http// Suicidegirls - Interview regarding ''Pride of Baghdad'' *http// Buddy TV - September 22, 2007 - Interview by Jon Lachonis of *http// UGO - July 02, 2008 interview *http// MTV - Brian K. Vaughan leaving Lost {{brclear}} {{crew}} arبراين ك. فوغان deBrian K. Vaughan esBrian K. Vaughan frBrian K. Vaughan itBrian K. Vaughan ptBrian K. Vaughan CategoryProducers, Brian CategoryWriters, Brian CategoryCrew, Brian