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'''Bonnie''' was a member of the Others, secretly assigned to the Looking Glass station by Benjamin Linus, with the rest of the Others believing that she and Greta were on an assignment in Canada. 

==On the Island==
===Days 90-91 (Season 3)===
{{I=Greta_Bonnie_Charlie.jpg=200=left=Bonnie & Greta interrogate Charlie. {{Crossref}}}}
When Charlie entered the Looking Glass, she and Greta held him at gunpoint and then tied him up. {{crossref}} 
In an attempt to get information from him, Bonnie repeatedly hit Charlie, and even threatened to shoot him with a spear gun. When Mikhail arrived at the station, it was revealed that Greta and Bonnie were guarding the Looking Glass to make sure that any transmissions leaving the Island were jammed. {{crossref}}

Mikhail questioned Bonnie as to why she was doing this and she stated that she was following orders, saying that she doesn't question orders because if she did, everything that she worked for would just fall apart. Ben didn't want to risk Greta or Bonnie ever divulging this information to any of the Others and so ordered Mikhail to kill them both. After Greta was shot and killed by Mikhail, Bonnie attempted to run away but was fatally shot in the back. To spite Ben, she gave Charlie the code to deactivate the jamming signal, just before she passed away. Charlie or Desmond respectfully covered her dead body with a blanket. {{crossref}}

*The name ''Bonnie'' is derived from a Scotland word that means 'pretty.'
**"My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" is a world-famous Scottish folk song. Indeed, Bonnie is in a The Looking Glass under the ocean and there's a Scotsman (Desmond) guarding the mission up on the surface.
*Bonnie, as part of Ben's conspiracy that the Looking Glass was flooded, was thought to be assigned to Canada.
*Out all of the main characters. Bonnie has only met Ben, Desmond and Charlie. It's likely that she met Juliet, since she knew who she was.


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