Blast door map (Via Domus)

{{I=Bdm2.jpg=300=right=The newer version of the blast door map, as seen in a trailer for Lost Via Domus, with the new information annotated in red. {{crossref}}}}
''Lost Via Domus'' features a different version of the '''blast door map''' that contains more information than the map shown in {{ep}}.  The video game version of the map includes extra notations, as well as new locations.  Presumably these new locations were not included on the original map to avoid spoilers, as they were featured in episodes that premiered after the video game release date. 

Although this version of the map was in a LostpediaCanon video game, it is considered canon due to comments by the producers in Access Granted. There have however been mixed messages from the producers on the subject.1

==New notations==
{{I=BDMVD.jpg=300=right=The blast door map as seen in {{ep}}}}
*"Quid est veritus?" which translates as "What (or why) did he fear?" (from vereor, "to fear").  The answer to this question is the famous Latin anagram "Est vir qui adest", meaning "It is the man who is here".
*"Hostile controlled" is written next to the Barracks.
*"Kelvin Joe Inman. behaves strangely.  Can't trust.  Have to watch out" with "Strangely" underlined, is written over the words "Alleged location of , The Flame".

*"C1?" is re-outlined with the words "Possible The Orchid?" pointing at it.
*"Tempus edax rerum" is written across the top of the possible Orchid.  Meaning "Time is the devourer of things".
*"Convinced island is Hydra.  Tunnel blocked - work to access" is written next to the Hydra.
*"Cables running offshore - possible Looking Glass" is written next to the Looking Glass.
*"Aegri Somnia" - which translates as "a sick man’s dreams" or "troubled dreams".

==New locations==
{{I=Blast door map 2.jpg=250=right=The blast door map in {{ep}}}}
* The Hydra
* The Barracks
* The Looking Glass
* The Orchid
* Pala Ferry

===Geographical inconsistencies===
The Barracks is show on the East side of the Island instead of the west side.

==Unanswered questions==
* Who created the new notations on the blast door map?

==See also==
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1 In Access Granted, the producers refer to the visibility of more information on the map under different lighting conditions.  Although they have stated that ''Via Domus'' is non-canon, they also stated that there is a canonical addition to the blast door map, which was seen in {{ep}}.