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Kate had several encounters with a '''black horse'''. 

== Appearances ==
{{I=2x09 horse.JPG=200=left=Kate is in Tallahassee when a black horse causes her automobiles to car accidents. {{crossref}}}}
Kate first encountered the horse after being prisoner and hostage situationsMarshal at a bus station while buying a ticket to Tallahassee, FL. The horse was standing in the middle of the road and caused the marshal to swerve and hit a tree, letting Kate escape.

She later saw the horse, or one identical to it, on the Island while she was picking fruit. She told a semi-concious Sawyer about what she assumed to be a hallucination and later asked Charlie if he had seen horses on the Island. He hadn't.

After leading Sawyer out of the Swan for a breath of fresh air, Kate saw the horse again and this time even petted it. Sawyer saw it as well, proving it no mere hallucination.

==Later references==
Charlie later referred to the horse after Locke interpreted Charlie visions as evidence of drug use. "Kate sees a ''horse'' -- nothing," he said. "Pretty much everybody's seen Walt Lloyd wandering around the jungle. But when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?" {{crossref}}

Sawyer talking to Kate on the beach, later referred to their shared sight, saying, "I wouldn't be surprised if Jack didn't find himself that horse of yours and start leading the charge in a big white hat." {{crossref}}

== Behind the scenes==
{{I=Kateshorse trainer.jpg=200=right=Horse-trainer's hand in shot. {{crossref}}}}
A three-and-a-half-year-old filly named "Flying W Farms Princess Black Pearl" played the role of the horse. The horse was a Georgian Grande, a crossbreed of a Friesian and an American Saddlebred. According to horse trainer Wendy Gooding, a copious amount of RIT dye was applied to the horse, presumably to enhance its black sheen. {{crossref(DVD)}}

When Kate approaches the horse, we see a full-length shot of it. To the right of the picture, the camera captures the horse trainer's hand.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse classified the horse as "undead" in a Official_Lost_Podcast_transcript/March_21,_2008, a category they otherwise reserved for forms of the Man in Black.

== Unanswered questions ==
*What was the nature of the horse on the island?

==See also==
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arحصان كيت
esCaballo de Kate
frCheval de Kate
ruЛошадь Кейт