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'''Bill Waldock''' appears in The Oceanic Six A Conspiracy of Lies.

He is identified by the narrator of the documentary as a "Professor of Safety Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and is the world's leading authority on aircraft crashes." He is introduced as he enters the Robertson Aviation Safety Center at Embry-Riddle. Waldoc states that, at the speed and angle Oceanic 815 would have been traveling, the water surface would have been "like concrete," shattering the plane into thousands of pieces. Referencing the ROV footage of the wreckage (also seen in {{ep}}), he notes the lack of major structural damage to the plane, as well as the fact that the wreckage is in a very compact area when, given the depth of the ocean at that point, it could have been scattered across an area of up to 100 square miles. This leads him to suggest the possibility that the wreckage might have been staged.

Later in the video, Bill also comments that the bodies do not look like he would expect them to in such a situation. Specifically, they should have been more disturbed by various marine life at that depth, and also, being underwater where they were should have radically slowed the decomposition of bodies. He also notes that on a plane like Oceanic 815, the black box is located in the tail section of the plane, and should be easy to recover, even with an ROV.

==Real life==
ImageBill-Waldock.jpg's image on the faculty listing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Universityhttp// matches his appearance in The Oceanic Six A Conspiracy of Lies
There exists in real life a Bill Waldock who is a professor of Safety Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona, and Director of the Robertson Aircraft investigation Laboratory.http// He portrayed himself in The Oceanic Six A Conspiracy of Lies, as his real life photograph matches his appearance in this video.  His full name is William D. Waldock, as is sometimes cited as "William Waldock" in interviews. He teaches coursework in accident investigation, crash survivability, and crash management. He has participated in over 175 aircraft accident investigations, and is a Fellow in the American College of Forensic Examiners.

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