'''''' is a hoax TLE website.  The URL was located originally as hidden on, before it was removed (probably as a result of this hoax). The website was mirrored on and

* This website has been confirmed as ''not'' being an official part of ''Lost'' LostpediaCanon. It was created by an author to get people interested in his story. http//

* This was the apology from the author
{{quote=I lied to you and everybody else. It's as simple as that. I'm no better than Hodag or anyone else that hoaxes anyone. I'm genuinely sorry, if you'll at least believe that.

Why did I do it?

Well, I'm a writer and an avid ARG player. When Oceanic Air and The Hanso Foundation appeared on the net and didn't go anywhere, I too prayed there would be an ARG or a "webmaze." No such thing ever showed up, however, unless you count Mr. Madison's (fantastic) OWA or the Mr. Cluck's/Sn0w/XNA/KCSP campaign.

This is why, in the fall, I started writing up a story. This was all purely speculative, but it was based around my own theories and ideas that accumulated whilst theorising. I then decided I wanted to make my own ARG, so I began work on several websites, which would leak out different elements of my story.

When BSS1 showed up, I used it as a starting point. My friend Anna and I took turns teasing people with small elements of the story, and hoped it would go on until Valentine's Day, the date I planned to send out cards to members of the ARG community, cryptically directing them to Valentine's website. From there my story would be told, and everyone would have a lot of fun.

I guess where I went wrong was trying to make myself seem "legit." I don't know why I did it, I guess I just thought no one would want to hear my story if I wasn't "real." Now that I think about it I know I'm completely wrong, however, as Vincent Madison was honest and still holds an impressive audience. Perhaps I should have said it was all fan fiction from the start, and then I wouldn't have gotten into this whole mess. So yes, I lied. My portion of the webmaze was unofficial. I can't vouch for any of the other sites, but I do have my doubts.

Again, I am really, terribly sorry. I am sorry for wasting everyone's time trying to tell my story. I am sorry for trying to make myself sound legitimate. I am sorry for befriending some awesome people along the way and continuing to lie. I am sorry that so much dedication, time, brain- and man-power went into trying to solve a mystery that had no official ties to LOST or any of its creators or related entities. I have no excuse for my actions other than that I got caught up in the moment an was surprised that so many people wanted to hear my tale. My tale and how I presented it was unhonest, however, and for that, again, I am incredibly sorry.

I will post a summary of my story on Valentine's Myspace and then disappear from the LOST community forever. I have over-stayed my welcome and deceived a great number of people in the process and, for one last time, I am sorry.

Adam Rodriguez}}

==Website Information== 
* was apparently created by Matthew Bardram when he noticed the "" text at, and was able to purchase the domain. The site was registered on October 7th 2005.http//

*Visiting the secure part of brought up a security certificate which contained an email address, robots -AT-

*The site was most likely named for the company in charge of ABCs website marketing strategy http// BigSpaceship who list several of the official sites as part of their portfolio.  It is not connected to them in any way.

*The site is located at IP http// which is also the IP of http// and http//

*http//'s Lost Forum Discussion on
*http// ABC's Lost Forum Discussion of the Morse Code