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=September 1980
= Milwaukee, WI
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'''Bethany James Leigh Shady''' is a Background cast/Ajira Flight 316 survivorsFlight 316. She also appeared in the waiting lounge of the airport prior to the boarding of Ajira Airways Flight 316. Beth also appeared as a party guest during Hurley's surprise birthday.  She also appeared as an Iraqi woman in {{ep}}.  She was formerly the real-life girlfriend of Jorge Garcia, the actor who portrays Hurley. 

Bethany, originally from Milwaukee, is a writer. Much of her writing can be found at her website http//  In early 2010 she had her first children's book, ''Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button'', published, and she is currently working on a young adult novel. She moved to Hawaii in 2007, after living in multiple cities in California for ten years. 

To coincide with the final season of the show, Bethany, who online goes by the name '''Sidekick22''', and Garcia started a ''Lost'' podcast called Geronimo Jack's Beard.  Its first episode was released on February 3, 2010.

Bethany has appeared in the following episodes of ''Lost''

==External links==
*http// - Official Website
*http// - personal blog
*http// Geronimo Jack's Beard - Bethany and Jorge's ''Lost'' podcast
*http// Jorge and Bethany's rat incident - video of Jorge and Beth 
*http// Geek Girl On The Street - Exclusive interview with Bethany Shady 


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