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{{ep}} }} '''"Benundrum"''' is an orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack. ==Scene description== Sawyer, carrying Claire, knocks on Ben's door. Hurley smashes a window to let him in. Miles arrives at the door, and this time, no one hesitates before letting him in. He gives Ben a walkie-talkie. ==Full list of appearances== * Jintimidating Bernard. {{crossref}} * Hold the Phone. {{crossref}} ** Code of Conduct. {{crossref}} * Ben explains the distress signal. Sawyer leaves to fetch Claire. {{crossref}} ** Bodies and Bungalows. {{crossref}} ** '''Sawyer arrives at the house.''' {{crossref}} ** Ben watches Bakir through a window and follows him. {{crossref}} * Lapidus notices that the chopper is leaking fuel. {{crossref}} ** The survivors toss objects out in an effort to conserve the fuel supply. {{crossref}} * At night, a group of medical personnel rescue Locke from the Sahara. {{crossref}} ==Title significance== The title is a portmanteau of "Ben" and "conundrum". ==Influences== The piece, aside from its own motif, includes Dharmacide's theme and a blending on the Freighties' Motif' motif and their Freighties' 2nd Motif. It ends on the Benomination of the Temple' main motif. ==Variations== The motif from Benundrum appears in "Bodies and Bungalows", "Code of Conduct", "Hold the Phone", and "Jintimidating Bernard". {{Nav-Sound4}} {{Nav-Music}} CategoryOrchestral pieces CategoryThemes and motifs CategorySeason 3 orchestral pieces CategorySeason 4 orchestral pieces CategorySeason 5 orchestral pieces