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'''Benoit "Ben" Girard''' is the founder of the visual effects studio Digital Dimension and has worked on ''Lost'' as a CGI supervisor for {{ep}} and {{ep}}. He was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series for his work in {{ep}} and {{ep}}.  For his work on the PortalEpisodes {{ep}} Girard also won the 2005 VES (Visual Effects Society) Awards for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program, along with is colleagues Mitch Suskin, Kevin Blank, and Jerome Morin. 

*Is also credited as a producer.
*Founder of Digital Dimension, a CategoryProduction companies that provides computer generated imagery for the motion picture, broadcasting, and interactive industry.
*Has worked on such films as ''A Cinderella Story'', ''The Last Samurai'', ''Final Destionation 2'', ''The Covenant'', and ''The Pursuit of Happyness''.
*Has worked on such television programs as ''Alias'', Super Bowl XXXVI, and Super Bowl XXXVIII.
*Won a sports Emmy Outstanding Graphic Design for Super Bowl XXXIX. 
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