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'''Ben's tape''' was a U-matic cassette that was viewed by John Locke with Ben Linus after Ben gave Locke the combination to the safe that held the tape. {{crossref}}

{{I=Widmore Video 2.jpg=left=200=Still from the tape depicting Charles Widmore. {{crossref}}}}
{{I=Benvideosafepainting-4x06.jpg=left=200=The painting that covered the safe containing the video tape. {{crossref}}}}
The tape depicted Charles Widmore exiting his vehicle and assaulting a Widmore's victim identified by Ben as one of the Others unlucky enough to have been captured by Widmore's organization. It ended as Widmore began to look up, as if he noticed the camera man. According to Ben, Widmore was seeking information about the Island.

The tape's label was marked "Red Sox". Ben explained that the original content had been taped over. {{crossref}}  Previously, Ben had shown Jack Shephard videotaped footage of the Boston Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series. {{crossref}}

==Unanswered questions==
*Where and when did the events depicted on the tape take place?
*Who was the Other that Widmore beat in this tape?
**Is the Other dead now?
*Who filmed the tape?


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