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'''Ben's photo''' was a framed photograph that Benjamin Linus kept of his adoptive daughter Alex near his desk, even when he traveled. {{crossref}} The continuity of the same prop has been maintained through at least three episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, and {{ep}}.

A duplicate of the photograph in a different frame sat on a shelf in Ben's house, both before and after the Others' abandonment of the Barracks. {{crossref}}

ImageBensDiaryandPhoto.jpg's Ben's diary and photo in his personal tent {{crossref}}
Image3x19-ben-photo.jpgOthers departed the Ruins. {{crossref}}
Image3x16_bens_photo_juliet.jpg's house in the Barracks. {{crossref}}
Image4x08 Ben's photo reappears.jpgthe Others' abandonment of the Barracks. {{crossref}}
Image4x08 Alex photos.jpg's house. {{crossref}}

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deBens Foto
heהתמונה של בן
ruФотографии Бена