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At his home in the Barracks, Benjamin Linus had a number of '''passports''' from various countries under different aliases. Amongst the passports were ones for Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland. Sayid discovered the passports in a drawer in a hidden closet. {{crossref}} Ben used a Swiss passport to check into a hotel in Tunisia. {{crossref}}

==Ben's Swiss passport==
*The name on the passport was "Dean Moriarty"
*The passport number was 012153 
*The birth date was listed as March 03, 1962 
*Place of birth was listed as Zurich 
*The date of issue was listed as April 02, 2003 
*The expiration date was listed as April 01, 2013
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There were a few errors on the passport

*It was not the design of a real wikipediaSwiss passport
*Swiss passports are printed in 5 languages (de,fe,it,rm,en)
*There was a typo on the date of issue, it should say 02 AVR/APR 03 and not AVR/PR
*The international code for Switzerland is CHE and not SWI
*Instead of "Place of birth" it should read "Place of origin"

==Ben's Canadian passport==
* Ben used a Canada passport to check into the hotel in Tunisia.  
* This passport also used the name "Dean Moriarty".

==Ben's Brazilian passport==
* Ben's Brazilian passport had two spelling errors first, the country name should read BRASIL instead of BRAZIL, and PASSPORT should read PASSAPORTE.
*Dean Moriarty was a character in Jack Kerouac's novel ''On the Road''.
*Dean Moriarty is the name of Alex Russo's boyfriend in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place http//
*Professor Moriarty was the evil genius villain of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's series of Sherlock Holmes novels.
*Arvin Sloane, the main antagonist in J.J. Abrams's ''Alias'', based most of his work out of Zurich.
*Ben's passport ID number is HNSO12153. The same passport ID number is found on Michael's passport.

==Unanswered questions==
*Why does Ben need so many different passports?
*What has Ben used these passports for in the past?
*Why does the passport say Dean Moriarty, not Benjamin Linus?
*Which passports are real? 
*Where did he get them?


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frArgent et passeports de Ben
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