Ben's paintingTheories


==Identity of woman==
* The painting is of Karen DeGroot.
* The painting is of Ben's mother, Emily Linus. 
* The painting is of Rachel Carlson, and she is holding the pregnant male fieldmouse her sister Juliet mentioned in {{ep}}.
*The painting could have been modified to look more like Juliet, and is holding the male field mouse she impregnated in her hands.
*It is a generic painting from one of those "Starving Artist" sales.
*It is Annie.
*She has something to do with DHARMA.
*She is someone from Ben's family.
*She is related to the Orchid station, because of the anthuriums.
**Note Those flowers are not anthuriums, they are lilies. Anthuriums have heart shaped flowers and heart shaped leaves.
*She is one of the original Island inhabitants.
*One version of the painting is Carole Littleton. The other version depicts Claire.
*The painting is of the former Other Eloise Hawking, possibly holding her Eloise (rat).
*The painting is of Theresa Spencer and Eloise (rat), the first experimental time travelers in Faraday's experiments.

==Object in her hands==
*It's a hamster.
*It is a baby rabbit.