Ben's maps

== Radio tower map ==
Ben had possession of a map of the Island that he used to plot the route he and Alex would take to intercept the survivors on their way to the radio tower.  He did this by drawing lines in red pencil across the map, thus implying that the map was to scale. He drew from the beach camp and from the Others' location, keyed as Pascal Flats.  {{crossref}}

The Barracks and the Pearl station were also visible on the map.

Image3x22 intercept map.jpg.jpgbeach camp
{{I=Lost-ben-map3.JPG=200=left=A reconstruction of the full visible map}} 
{{I=benislandmapprop.jpg=200=right=A photo of the map hero prop}}

== Balloon map == {{I=Benmap.jpg=150=left=The complete map}} After refusing to lead the survivors to his supposed balloon (which belonged to the real Henry Gale), Ben drew a map to it after Ana Lucia offered him an ultimatum. {{crossref}} The map covered an area that could be crossed in about a day's hike (from the camp to the clearing). The map noted various geography on the Island including mountains, the jungle, the forest, a ridge, a stream, and a cliff. Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie followed the map to a location that at first glance did not reveal the balloon. It was shortly found, however, and they proceeded to excavate the presumed grave of Jennifer Gale's "wife". Looking to find a woman, they instead found a man the real Henry Gale. After discovering that Ana Lucia had led the search in secret, Ben admitted to being an The Others. {{crossref}}{{clr}} == Temple map == {{I=Bens_Temple_Map.jpg=250=left=The Temple map}} Ben gave Alex a map to the Temple. {{crossref}} According to the map, the Temple appeared to be northwest of the Barracks, not far from the coast.
==Trivia== {{I=RadioMapCombined.JPG=200=right=Two shots of the radio tower map with slightly different red lines (noting the intersection point of the red lines) {{crossref}}}} *The balloon map was drawn on the back of the title page of ''The Brothers Karamazov''. *The survivors did not question the fact that "Henry" was able to draw the balloon map, even though he was unconscious when taken to the Swan. *The radio tower map that Ben drew in {{ep}} was shown twice, at approximately 2253 and 3628. These two maps are not the same prop; the red lines drawn on the two maps differ slightly. ==See also== *Daniel's map {{Nav-Ben}} esMapas de Ben frCartes de Ben ruКарты Бена CategoryItems(Ben's) CategoryMaps