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=October 2005
= Shot by Benjamin Linus
=Killed by Ben
=Nick Hermz
=Sammy Sheik
The '''Bedouins''' were two Arab men encountered by Benjamin Linus after he woke up disoriented in the Sahara Desert (Tunisia). {{crossref}}

The two Bedouins arrived on Bedouins' horses, armed with AK-47s. They did not speak English, so Ben tried to communicate using Arabic and Turkish. The one wearing the gray keffiyeh patted Ben down and felt something hard in Ben's right pocket. The object was a telescopic baton, which Ben used to beat the one, commandeer his rifle, and shoot the other (the one with the red keffiyeh). The beaten one (the one with the gray keffiyeh) said "Surrender", and Ben retorted, "So you do speak English."  Ben then knocked him unconscious with the butt of the rifle and rode off on his horse.
==Their Arabic conversation in English==
'''Bedouin ''' Look!  There are no footprints around him.

(They look around to see if there are any footprints.)

'''Bedouin ''' From where did he come?  Did he fall from the sky?

*During casting for "The Shape of Things to Come", they were described as "two Arabic men, any age, must be able to speak Arabic. Stunts required - Must be able to ride a horse... ''co-star''.http// DarkUFO Episode S4E09 - The Shape of Things to Come 04/24/2008
* The bedouins and the larger Tunisia story may be influenced by the Turkish proverb "Bahtsız bedeviyi çölde kutup ayısı sikermiş," which translates as "the unlucky bedouin gets raped by a polar bear in the desert." According to the proverb, it does not matter where you go -- misfortune can still find you.http// Turkish Sayings & Proverbs Bahtsız bedeviyi çölde kutup ayısı sikermiş  10/21/2009http// Srulix' Pit Incredible Turkish Proverbs 05/31/2009

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